Milestone Barn in Chesaning Michigan

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I am a sucker for barn weddings. I don’t know why but I have fallen in love with every barn wedding we have done, it must be my southern side coming out. Recently we stumbled upon the Milestone Barn located in Chesaning Michigan.

The story behind this place is a love story: Logan and Carolyn got engaged and began the process of figuring out what they wanted their wedding to be like. The instantly new they wanted a rustic barn wedding and began searching for the perfect venue. The only problem was they couldn’t find anything that fit the picture.

Soon they realized that their desire for a barn wedding turned into a passion for wanting to own the perfect rustic wedding venue also. One big thing for them was making sure it is affordable and keeping with the rustic charm they wanted, in fact the materials used were from other local barns. So in 2011 they purchased the Milestone barn and began turning it into the perfect place for their wedding and for others to also use.

How did they get the name for this beautiful barn? According to Carolyn and Logan, “The barn serves a different purpose, housing the weddings and other “milestone” events throughout ones life. ” They have done a lot of renovations. The barn used to house cattle, so they had a lot of work to do!

You can fit up to 250 guests in the space, bring in your own alcohol, and choose your own caterer. They don’t have a kitchen so you will either need to use a caterer that can build a kitchen there or have a traveling one. This is a venue where you can have your ceremony and reception all in one place.

Even though the Milestone Barn was a secret to us, Carolyn and Logan haven’t had a problem booking this great venue. They don’t have many free Saturdays left in 2013 – we know because we tried booking a couple of those Saturday’s!

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