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TwoFoot Creative team - Premier full-service wedding planning company

TwoFoot Creative is Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit’s premier full-service wedding planning company. Our couples have selected us for 7 years in a row as a Knot “Best Of” wedding planning company. We received the Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award as a best wedding planning company three times. Colleagues chose our weddings as having the “Best Team” three times at our industry’s EPIC (Event Professionals in Class) Awards that take place annually in Metro Detroit. Meet the team!

Ana Skidmore – Principal Wedding Planner & Designer

TwoFoot Creative - Premier full-service wedding planning company

Years in the business – 2017 starts our 10th season!
Why do I do weddings? The answer to this question has evolved over the years! I love working with my couples; creating a weekend together that you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives. I love that each wedding is unique and different, and that this industry is CONSTANTLY evolving – it keeps me on my toes!
Favorite wedding day moment – When you walk into your reception space for the first time, before guests enter the room. It gives you some much needed alone time, and a chance to take in and appreciate all the work we have done together!
Most exciting trend coming up – I am seeing quite a few of our couples tone down the guest list to be able to bring in everything they want for their wedding weekend. It makes it a much more intimate event, and allows for plenty of creativity in the decor and design!
My wedding date – June 30th, which is the day before my birthday. Fun fact – in 2012, we had two couples get married on that date. Both brides also had birthdays on the following day!
What I would change if I had a do-over – This is a difficult question, and I would have such a hard time planning my own wedding after this much time in the business! I would probably cut the guest list at least in half, and create a crazy memorable weekend from lunch on Friday to brunch on Sunday!
Where did the name come from? My business name took SO LONG for me to come up with back in 2007. My now husband nicknamed me TwoFoot in college, because I ran for the University of Michigan (Go BLUE!) and attempted/failed at the steeplechase. Creativity is very important to me, and I knew I didn’t want my real name in the business name, so TwoFoot Creative was born!

Kristen Bongard – Wedding Planner & Coordinator

Years in the business– 6
Why do I do weddings?– I love being a part of something that is so personal, I treat each bride like I was planning my best friend’s wedding. I love celebrating all the hard work we put into the day, and I am a creative person at heart, so being able to create something so personal as your wedding day is very meaningful.
Favorite wedding day moment– I am a sucker for the Daddy/Daughter dance. I am a Daddy’s girl! There is so much emotion in that moment, and everyone around you can feel it.
Most exciting trend coming up– The satellite bar- spirit tastings! Love the interactive feel for guests, and the masculine touch. Think past the typical whiskey and go for craft beers or tequila or rum!
My wedding date– I chose August 15th as my wedding date. What I was pleasantly surprised to learn, was that my husband’s parents, aunts and uncles, married in August as well, so now it has meaning!
What I would change if I had a do-over– I would have taken more time to select my photographer. Spending the extra time to ensure you have the right personality fit and style to capture all the important memories of that day, will have a lasting effect for years to come.

TwoFoot Creative - Premier full-service wedding planning company

Melanie King – Wedding Planner & Coordinator

TwoFoot Creative - Premier full-service wedding planning company

Years in the business? 5
Why do I do weddings? I truly love to help people and I love being a wedding planner. Being able to help my couples and to have them trust me with their wedding day means so much to me!
Favorite wedding day moment? I love the little moments that make me see how much love is shared on a wedding day. Tears that come with a first look, or when they walk down the aisle, or a daddy’s toast! I cry at every wedding!
Most exciting trend coming up– I am excited to see more of our couples making their wedding day about them. We have done incredibly unique weddings where every detail was chosen out of the couples individuality. It could be woven throughout the entire wedding, or in one or two details – just make it meaningful!
My wedding date– September 19th- I love a good fall wedding
What I would change if I had a do-over– I wish I would have hired TwoFoot Creative for Wedding Management! I was very excited to do all of the planning, and the details made me happy. However, on the wedding day it would have been nice to see my family and friends having fun rather than working. That also would have allowed me to be 100% present on my wedding day.

Samantha Goldwyn – Wedding Coordinator

Years in the business -I’ve been professionally coordinating weddings for 1 year, with a lifetime of exposure to the hospitality industry.
Why do I do weddings? – I love being a part of creating wonderful lasting memories. I have always been enamored by design, romance, and being able to see the fruits of my labor. What better way to use those passions than being an integral part of such an important day in people’s lives!
Favorite wedding day moment – I love when the celebration is underway and I see the happy couple immersed in the festivities and filled with pure joy, surrounded by those whom they hold most dear.
Most exciting trend coming up – Weddings and celebrations that break the mold. Whether by combining the days’ events into one space all at once, or replacing traditional wedding elements with family traditions, the options for customizing your wedding are endless when you feel free to think outside the box.
My wedding date – October 25th, 2014
What I would change if I had a do-over – I would remember to savor the evening with my new husband. It was so chaotic with so many guests there, and while I had an absolute blast, there weren’t nearly enough moments that we shared throughout the night.

TwoFoot Creative - Premier full-service wedding planning company

Gene Skidmore – Wedding & Event Coordinator

TwoFoot Creative - Premier full-service wedding planning company

Years in the business – 9
Why do I do weddings? So the couple can enjoy their day with full joy and excitement as opposed to worrying about every detail.
Favorite wedding day moment – Seeing my gorgeous wife standing at the top of the steps about to walk toward me.
Most exciting trend coming up – Grooms getting more and more involved in the process!
My wedding date – June 30, 2007
What I would change if I had a do-over – I would hold my reseption somewhere other than a windowless hotel ballroom, would have taken the time to step back and realize how humbling an experience it is to see all my friends and family supporting us on our wedding day and to make sure the wedding party was lubricated and fed in the time between pictures and the grand entrance

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