Meet the Scarab Club!

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A few weeks back I went on a limo tour of Detroit through Reception Stars – and it was a great experience visiting a few venues I’ve never seen before! One of the hidden gems is the Scarab Club, a historic building that houses artists’ studios on the third floor, and can be rented out for weddings and other events on the first and second floors.

I just fell in love with the “secret garden” out back. It is a perfect spot for a ceremony, and you can use any of the four sides as a focal point depending on your style – they are very different. They have also put tents out there, and are very flexible with the options available. The inside is a rotating gallery for your guests to enjoy.

On the first level you can get 80-100 seated, and 120 for a strolling reception. If you add in the second floor, you can easily do a strolling reception for 150. The rental rates are very reasonable, at $760 for 5 hours on the first level and an additional $335 for the second level.

On the second level you can see all of the famous artists that have signed the beams – it is a very cool room. They do have a preferred caterer but you can bring in your own as well if you have a favorite. I would just love to plan a wedding there!

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