Just Started Planning a 2012 Wedding?

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UMMA wedding in Ann Arbor, MI in November

So many couples have contacted us in the past 3 weeks looking to plan a wedding for this year. Not only are we almost booked solid for 2012 – but so are many venues and other wedding professionals as well! Here is some advice for those of you still looking for that perfect 2012 wedding:

  • Be flexible! This can apply to so many areas of planning, but with 3-10 months left to plan, some things will be much more doable on “short” notice than others.
  • You might be thinking “what do you mean short notice?” – well, many 2012 couples started planning 6-12 months ago, and their venues and wedding professionals are set! In the wedding world, you need to get going!
  • Consider less popular months and dates: in Ann Arbor, a football weekend is probably going to be available, whereas those away game weekends are pretty booked! Winter weddings are beautiful, and often come with many more open dates and lower price tags.
  • Think about a Friday or Sunday wedding – and you are much more likely to hear “yes, we can do your wedding!”. Sunday comes with the added benefit of earlier timing and often a lower cost menu.
  • Think outside the box! Often overlooked in the planning process are unique spaces – restaurants, museums, warehouses, theaters and other unusual spaces. You might need a planner to make it all happen, but the results can be breathtaking!
  • Be open to cutting the guest list. There are a lot more venues that accommodate 100-150 guests than can hold 200+, and those often get booked up very quickly (mid-westerners love to host big weddings!).

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