Katie and Jared’s Wedding

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I would also like to call this entry “Why you need a wedding planner”. My assistant and I walked into the Atrium at St. John’s yesterday at 12:15pm. The linen company had not arrived yet, despite requesting an early setup time of 10am. The florist was starting to set the centerpieces on the tables since she was informed they would be ready to go, so those had to be cleared off again, and the white under-cloths had to be vacuumed. I, the contact at St. John and the groom all called to see what was going on, and were told the linens were 40 minutes away. Despite the reassurance that they were in fact coming, they did not arrive until about 2:00pm – 4 hours late!!! It was a very good thing their wedding was in January and not mid-summer; if the florist had had another wedding yesterday, there is no way she could have waited around as long as she did. We got back to the Atrium after the ceremony, and we were informed that half the centerpieces could not be lit since they were open flames. We ended up improvising with what was available at St. John’s and using hurricanes over one of the four candles, lighting only that one on each of the tables. Fortunately it all worked out!

Getting to the ceremony, the limo company had not yet arrived at 2:20 (scheduled for 2pm). I called to see what was going on, and was informed the battery had been leaking acid and they had to fix it and refresh the vehicle so it wouldn’t smell. No one at the company had a number to call to inform the bride and bridesmaids of this, so I gave them that information and was told they could have the limo an extra 30 minutes (which they couldn’t use anyways). Once at the ceremony, everything flowed smoothly. The songs started on time, everyone made it down the aisle, the readers were audible and the flower girls didn’t cry! The bride and groom had printed up directions from the church to St. John’s, which I thought was a very good idea! Not only did it prevent people from getting lost, it also encouraged people to leave the church since they didn’t do a receiving line.

Back at the reception, once the open flame issue was taken care of, my assistant and I manned the Polaroid guest book. We filled it up! I strongly encourage the use of someone designated to do the picture taking and mounting if you do this! Anyone who got their picture taken also wrote a note to the bride and groom, which made it incredibly personal and this way they get to see everyone who was there! The grotto at St. John’s is a great place for cocktails, very fun! From here the bridal party made a grand entrance once guests were seated in the Atrium, their first dance was immediately after that, and then the cake cutting. It was a good way to get those things done with and stay on schedule, and everyone was still paying attention!

Shooting Gallery

The wedding was gorgeous, all the issues were eventually taken care of, and the dance floor was packed. Their photographer Dionne from the Shooting Gallery was so great to work with, and caught some amazing shots! Thanks for letting me be part of your Big Day and Congratulations!!!

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