How about Cupcakes in a Mason Jar?

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Back in November, one of our couples gave away cupcakes in mason jars as their favors – and guests loved them! One company that does this is Yummy Cupcakes in California – pretty close to where I grew up! This is what their website says about the cupcakes:

“Our scrumptious gourmet cupcakes are sliced and layered in a glass mason jar with our “whippy” buttercreams or cream cheese frostings; fresh made fillings such as lemon, lime or raspberry curd, marshmallow “Fluff” and whipped creams; and, scrumptious toppings like pure chocolate pailletes, pecans or drizzles of chocolate over crushed cookie pieces… a decadent treat ready to eat with a spoon!”

The Cake Jar is another company that can ship these little lovelies. “Cake Jars come in all different flavors! You may find anything from Toffee Mocha, Italian Cherry Jubilee, Austin Cream Pie, or any of the other delicious flavors.”

I am all about edible favors that can also be brought home and enjoyed later – and these absolutely fit the bill!


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