Heather and Tano’s Wedding

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Heather and Tano got married at the Sweetest Heart of Mary and held their reception at the Detroit Athletic Club (DAC) on November 23rd, 2007. I met with them a few times before the wedding to finalize all the details and work out the time-line, which they found very helpful! It is amazing how many details come up that you don’t even think about before starting to put all the pieces together in one “flowing” document.

I arrived at the DAC with my assistant a few hours before the ceremony was supposed to begin. I always arrive early to make sure all the vendors are arriving on time, that the bride doesn’t forget anything crucial, and to help set up anything that has yet to be done. Florists usually don’t stick around to pin bouts on the guys, so we did that and made sure that all the parents, grandparents, readers, and other wedding VIPs received their bouts and corsages as well.

The day went very smoothly, from walking down the aisle on time, to ushering guests out of the church so family pictures could be taken, to avoiding the display of an unwelcome posterboard at the reception… The worst that happened was a frantic voicemail on my phone at the end of the ceremony from the DAC coordinator Angela (who is phenomenal, by the way) that the band had not yet arrived (45 minutes after they were scheduled to do so). They were an hour late, but set up and ate very quickly so that they could begin playing as soon as the dinner bell rang downstairs during cocktail hour!

Some pearls of wisdom I learned from this wedding are as follows:

  • Always confirm with vendors 3-7 days before the wedding, even if my clients don’t think it is necessary (this would have potentially avoided the band being late).
  • Make sure the hall serves the bridal party and the parents of the bride and groom first so the special dances can begin on time.

Overall it was a gorgeous wedding! A testimonial from Heather and Tano can be found here. Other vendors they used that I would recommend are Nicole from Westborn Market and Castle Video Productions.

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