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Happy Anniversary Lauren & Brad!

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Dexter barn wedding

A Dexter Barn Wedding

Lauren & Brad were married two years ago today at the beautiful Cottonwood Barn in Dexter, MI. Their Dexter barn wedding was fabulous, you can see shots from their photographer Lizzie Photo here, and their bouquet painting that was done can be found here. Congratulations you two!

Meanwhile, we are sad that we can no longer plan weddings at Cottonwood Barn. Unfortunately a township that doesn’t not value business or progress got in their way – but we have hopes that one day another barn venue like Cottonwood will open up somewhere else nearby! 

Dexter barn wedding venues

So many barns have closed down in Dexter – but thankfully Cornman Farms remains as one we love to plan weddings at! If you are looking for a venue in the area, make sure they are on your list! They allow outside catering from the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, as well as Forte Belanger. No matter which you choose, you are in great hands and your guests will not leave hungry!

Other venues that have recently closed are White Oaks Farm and Red Tail Farm in Dexter. We have planned so many farm weddings – and would love to be involved in yours! Working with a planner is even more helpful when dealing with unique spaces like barns. You have many more decisions and moving pieces. Someone there who knows everything that should be going on is key! 

Happiest Anniversaries

I have been slacking on anniversary posts as of late, and for that I am so sorry! We always wish our couples the happiest of anniversaries and love staying in touch via Facebook and Instagram. So many of our couples have started families, changed jobs, bought homes… it brings us so much happiness to see how well you are all doing! 

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