Inn at St Johns wedding

Happy Anniversary Jillian & Kevin!

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Jillian & Kevin were married four years ago today. They celebrated an Inn at St Johns wedding in Plymouth, MI. Congratulations to you both! Make sure to check out their wedding day details in the link above – it was such a fun, St. Patrick’s Day themed wedding on an abnormally hot March day in Michigan!

Inn at St Johns wedding

Photo Credit: Dan Lippitt


Inn at St Johns wedding

Another beautiful Inn at St Johns wedding day! Jillian & Kevin were really hoping for snow, and instead they got a heat wave! It was sunny and beautiful on St. Patrick’s Day in Michigan, which is just unheard of! They rolled with it though, and had a great day with some amazing outdoor shots as well. Everything was personalized, for example Jillian had a lamppost made that stood outside the room and then additional lamppost escort card holders to direct guests to their seats. The street names were all places the couple had been to or lived at! 

Planning a Wedding in Michigan

Jillian & Kevin’s wedding is a reminder that you cannot predict Michigan weather! You can have a heat wave in winter, or a blustery day in mid-July. It is always a good idea to have a backup plan in place, as we do with all the weddings that we plan. You can’t assume it will turn out ok, and the last thing you want is to have to call in a backup tent the Friday before your wedding!

Have your wedding planner put a plan B together, and make sure you are ok with it if it does need to go into effect. Renting heaters and fans is not going to break the bank, and it can lead to a much more enjoyable experience for your guests. If you are renting a tent, make sure to include side walls even if you don’t want to use them! A last minute hailstorm is not outside the realm of possibilities!

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