Food Truck Frenzy!

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If your a foodie, and want to add some uniqueness to your wedding, a food truck might be the perfect thing to bring a little you into your special day.

Bringing a food truck to your wedding reception does require a few extra thoughts and proper planning. I took some notes from the

Think about when you’re going to plan your wedding. You don’t want your guests having to wait outside in the hot July weather in line to get food, however nothing beats an ice cream truck in the middle of summer.

The Knot suggests one truck for every 75 people. Although they can serve people quickly it still takes time.

After everyone gets their food they are going to need a place to eat it. The Knot suggests to either have a place for them to sit or let guests mingle and eat. With this I would keep it very casual and have fun with it.

Think about what kind of food truck you would like to see at your event. Do you want a cute retro one or the one you see on the everyday street.  If you see one somewhere and you like it, ask about rental options.

Decide which food course they will serve for your wedding. Will it be the main entree,  or will you have them for dessert or a late night snack? There are also some that do wine and beer tastings.

When we say food trucks most people think of the ones you find at your local fair: gyros, pizza, hot dogs, elephant ears, and funnel cakes. However, food carts are upping their game and serving small bites of some very tasty and higher end food in your own local cities. In Ann Arbor we have Mark Carts, who has everything from Indian, Vegetarian, and Mexican.

Looking for a perfect way to end the night? How about a late night snack that has waffles, fries, corn dogs, or Dinky Donuts.

One of my favorite weddings we did was Alexia and Nick, who had an ice cream truck.

You can use this trend in so many different ways, and make it as causal or high end as you want; but either way you will have one of the top food trends for this year!

Written by Melanie King, TwoFoot Creative – Ann Arbor





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