Unique Wedding Registries

Deciding on what to register for can be difficult, especially if you feel confined by traditional registries. Here are some ideas for unique registries that can be tailored specifically to any couple!

Sandals registries! We are Sandals Certified, and can also help put together a registry after booking your honeymoon so guests can contribute to spa treatments, excursions, golf, and even portion of your trip if you’d like them to.

Honeyfund is an awesome website that helps couples create a registry for their honeymoon! Honeyfund calculates about how much your honeymoon will cost based on the factors of travel, accommodations, dining, beverages, activities and the amount of guests attending your wedding. It’s a free website that is very easy to use!

Travelersjoy also works similarly to Honeyfund, and is recommended by The Knot and WeddingWire. Both websites break the sections of travel up into different prices, so guests can pick which part of the trip they want to give toward and how much that will be.

Home Savings

Lots of couples have recently or are soon to be moving into a new home together, so what better thing to register for than a home! On Hatch My House, couples pick their house style, color, setting, and select if they are saving for a down payment, renovation, or home décor, making it easy for any kind of home savings to be applicable. Once a page is made, a picture of the couple and potential future home are shown with a short paragraph from the couple. The house has different parts that can be clicked on by guests and show the price, allowing guests to choose which parts they want to give and for how much.

Gift cards are a great way to have guests give a gift to a certain place, but allow the couple to pick out what exactly they want from the store. At Card Avenue, couples can create a page with three steps for guests to easily follow. The first includes viewing the gift cards the couple is asking for and the requested total amount from each place they want, as well as how much they still need. The second step includes going to the website of the store and purchasing a gift card for the guest’s desired amount. Third, the guest returns to the registry and lets the couple know the price of the gift card they purchased as well as where it is from, as to update the first step of the registry. This lets other guests know, as well as the couple, what gift cards have been purchased already and for how much.

For wine lovers wanting to start, or add to, a collection, creating a wine registry is another unique option. At The Wine Cellarage, couples can fill out their basic information and then the wine bottles they have requested are listed with the number of bottles requested, fulfilled, remaining, and the price of each bottle, with a place for guests to pick how many bottles they wish to add to their cart.

Foodie Registry allows couples to pick restaurants where guests can give them gift cards for their chosen amount. Couples are able to explain why they picked each specific restaurant, or they can just list them. This is a great idea for couples that love food and to eat out at new restaurants, allowing them to have “Free Dinner Date Nights” for time to come after their wedding.


For couples who do not wish to receive gifts, or want to also allow guests to make a donation alongside giving gifts, organizations such as the I Do Foundation and Crowdrise, which partners with The Knot are ideal. With websites such as these, guests are able to pick from whichever charities the couple puts on their registry page and donate their chosen amount. This can also be added with another registry, so that donation and gifts can be purchased, not simply one or the other.


Upon Our Star has the tagline “a wedding registry for wishes, not stuff.” This registry sorts the different wishes into categories such as honeymoon and travel, leisure activities, neat ideas, and even wedding items. This website allows couples to ask for gifts for their wishes, which can include items at the wedding, vacations, activities, and pretty much anything the couple can dream up!


Cosabella is a website that allows brides to register for lingerie, placing different garments under the categories bridal shower, wedding night, honeymoon, and accessories. Although this is primarily tailored toward the bride, it can be added alongside another registry in order to allow a registry for the groom as well. This type of registry can also be done through Macy’s or a department store that has registries as well as sells lingerie.


If one registry or type of registry is too hard to pick, websites such as Wishpot and Knack allow couples to compile a registry from all different websites into one place. This is great if a couple wants to register for all sorts of different things!

Written by Jillian Madden – TwoFoot Creative, Ann Arbor

Meet Serradella Vintage!

What/where is Serradella Vintage? Serradella Vintage is a rental company located in Howell, MI. We are a source of vintage goods to Michigan brides-to-be who want to bring a vintage vibe to their wedding or event. Our goal is to have everyone asking “Where did you find that?!”

How did you get started? I’ve had a love for all things vintage my entire life but as an adult developed both an eye for seeing potential in items and the skill set to repurpose and revive them. I began with a booth in an antique mall and after a while began selling on the flea market circuit. A bride-to-be called me one day and asked if I might have some of the items she was looking for. When I realized I had everything she wanted, a light bulb went on. I researched the vintage rental industry and found there was nothing like it here in Michigan.

Do you have a showroom? While my long term goal is to eventually inhabit a retail space, I’m currently working out of my home. I’ve taken over the garage and most of the basement but I must say, the space is easy on the eye and everything is accessible.

What kinds of items do you have? It’s important to note that I’m always adding items to my inventory. Lately I’m focusing on adding some larger furniture, but I already have chairs, tables, dressers, desks, a settee and an awesome bar. I also have whiskey barrels (can you say “Cigar Bar?), and many larger architectural pieces like doors and windows. My biggest weakness is probably china and I have over 600 eclectic pieces – everything from large plates and platters down to tea cups and saucers. Cake stands, old books, wooden crates, picture frames of all sizes, a huge bottle collection, 30+ pieces of luggage, chandeliers…

Do you have to be a creative, experienced DIYer to use your items? Definitely not! While I have no formal training as a “designer”, I’m very creative and particularly good at replicating looks from pictures. So even if a bride-to-be has never wielded a glue gun and doesn’t put power tools on her Christmas list, we can work together! I can be hired to construct or create just what the client wants, and to “stage” things as opposed to just delivering the pieces to the venue.

How does renting work? I encourage people to meet one-on-one and look through my inventory. I love to see pictures of what a client is trying to replicate and we’ll work together to figure out what pieces will work for a particular look and venue. If a client takes the time to come, I reserve their date and we operate on a first come first served basis for picking from inventory. After the initial visit and determining how much involvement the client wants from me, we usually develop an email correspondence and toss ideas back and forth until they’re ready to make final selections.

Pick up or delivery? Most clients save on cost by picking items up right from my house. I try to be as flexible as I can with dates for pickup and return and have even shipped smaller orders through the mail. Arrangements can be made for delivery and even tear down at a venue.

What about cost? Having spent time actually selling vintage things I have a really good idea of what stuff retails for. So I try to keep the cost of renting my items lower than what it would cost someone to find it and buy it themselves. Cost for “extra” services such as constructing and staging vary on the complexity of the project and cost for delivery depends on how far I have to travel. I also charge a reasonable “usage fee” as items suffer wear and tear even when they’re used carefully. A security deposit is collected and refunded when the items are returned in the condition they went out in. While I make every attempt to provide a quality product, most items are chipped, cracked, worn, stained and less than perfect. That’s what makes them vintage!

Any last comments? I am passionate about Serradella and thrilled that I’ve figured out a way to share my collection and embellish a bride’s day in such a unique way.

As a new business owner with not much to go on, feedback and suggestions are priceless. I want to grow my business in a way that best meets the needs of the client and I can only do that through open communication.

I have put together some discounts just for TwoFoot Creative clients. Contact me through my website: www.serradellavintage.com or visit my pinterest page ~ Serradella Vintage ~ or email me at kelly@serradellavintage.com

You can also reach my by calling 810.599.1899


Inspiration from Thomas Edison

Lighting is an essential part of weddings that tends to be easily forgotten.

Deciding on how to properly light a venue or outdoor space in a creative, beautiful way for your wedding can sometimes be tricky.

Using light bulbs as a part of your wedding décor can help solve both of these challenges.

Pacific Weddings Magazine highlights the use of Edison bulbs for indoor lighting and décor.

Edison light bulbs are especially versatile and fun to work with.

Stringing the light bulbs together outdoors creates a light that wouldn’t naturally be there and also provides a creative design rather than unoriginal lighting that isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

Restoration Hardware has a plethora of Edison style light bulbs that can be ordered and used as wedding décor.

Bulbs aren’t only useful for lighting purposes. Creating a light bulb vase is an easy DIY project. Rather than using vases, bulbs can hold flowers and hang from trees.

Another fun way to use light bulbs is to put them on the tables as place settings.

Kallima Photography captured these images at an outdoor wedding.

Whether using light bulbs for lighting indoors or outdoors, creating vases, or using them as place settings, light bulbs add a creative, fun vibe to any wedding or event.

Written by Jillian Madden, TwoFoot Creative – Ann Arbor


Components of a Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitations are one of the first things guests see regarding your wedding, which makes it especially important to create a invitation that represents you and your wedding. A great place to start is to think about the unique qualities of your wedding or relationship that you want to express to your guests.

This wedding invitation by Leesa Dykstra Designs portrays a unique birdcage design with beautiful colors specially designed for the couple. This invitation also includes the essential information necessary for guests. Important things to place on your wedding invitation include writing out the full names of the bride and groom, the date (including the year), the location of both the ceremony and reception, and sometimes parents’ names or the mention of the parents, as this invitation shows.

Tailoring the invitation to the season also provides a reminder to the guests as to when the wedding is, as well as provides a unique touch. This invitation incorporates the holiday season with its design, allowing the date of the wedding to be a part of the invitation design.

This board displays some of the essential parts of a wedding invitation. Important things to include with your invitations are a response card and envelope with your address on it for the guest to easily RSVP (don’t forget to stamp the envelopes before stuffing!) Providing a card with accommodations is also helpful for your guests.

When deciding on your wedding invitations, remember to include the essential details and items, but most importantly remember to make them uniquely you!

Written by Jillian Madden, TwoFoot Creative – Ann Arbor


Engagement Pictures 101

We have so many fabulous engagement sessions on our blog for this year’s couples – so I decided to put together a post with some tips for getting the most out of your engagement session. The first tip is to dress like yourself! You don’t want to look back at these pictures 20 years from now and not recognize the person looking back at you. These photos should be a reflection of who you are!

Our second tip is to find a location that speaks to you. Biz & Nick, pictured above, both have a connection to the film industry. They chose the Michigan Theater as their engagement session backdrop; what a perfect decision for them!

Third: don’t be afraid of color! Look how amazing Cory and Ian’s red umbrella looks in the picture above – it just pops! I’m not saying you should put on a rainbow of colors, but if you have a color that looks great on you, go for it. It is so much more interesting than your standard neutrals.

Get to know your photographer during the session – this might be the only time you see them before the wedding day! The more comfortable you are with them, the better your pictures will turn out in the end.

Wendy Martin Photography

Take care of yourself leading up to the session – wash your skin regularly, brush your teeth right before, and drink lots of water so you look your best. It will show! Follow this care routine up to the wedding day to ensure that you continue to look and feel your best. Also – make sure to eat so you don’t look and feel exhausted half way through the shoot!

Get your makeup done by a professional if possible. This is a great time for a makeup trial with the artist that will be putting together your wedding day look! It will also help you feel more confident going into the session, which might lead to a better selection to choose from in the end.

Finally – have fun! You will probably be using these pictures for save the dates, a guest book or signing mat, to hang in your home

Spotlight on a Vendor! Inspiration Video

Meet Anne from Inspiration Video located in Grandville of West Michigan. Anne is a leading videographer in the West Michigan wedding industry and so talented in her ability to capture your story.

Why is it important to hire a videographer? First, it is important to have video to fully capture your day. I believe it is important to have photos as well, but photos will not capture what was said in your vows, your toasts, etc. I believe video is the best way to truly feel like you can relive your wedding day over and over.

Next, it is important to have it professionally done, and not by a friend or relative. Your friend wants to be a guest as well, and is going to miss things that the professional should not. Finally, the quality of the video should be that much better taken from a person who does this for a living.

How long does it take to edit and finish a wedding video? I usually take under a week to edit a video, but since often times we have multiple weddings on a weekend, I let clients know that the turn around time is 3-6 weeks to receive their video after their wedding day.

What are your favorite things to shoot during weddings? I love shooting during the getting ready times prior to the ceremony, and the picture taking times between the ceremony and reception. Often people think that the ceremony and reception are the only important times to have captured. But there are so many great, unplanned moments that happen before and in between the two main events, and that adds so much more emotion to my work.

Do you only shoot weddings? I quickly realized during my first year of business, that weddings were going to be my favorite aspect of my business. I had purchased very high end equipment, thinking that I would be doing mostly corporate work, and it turned out that it was very handy to have that good of equipment at weddings as well. I was able to get shots that not every professional camera can get. I believe it gave me a good edge in the business nine years ago, and then things just started to take off.


Meet Noreen at Rejunction Function!

Noreen is an amazing artist located in Hudsonville of West Michigan who can help you transform your events with her vintage collection at Refunction Junction.

Tell us a little about what you do. We offer on a rental basis items that are very popular for today’s events but are not available to rent at a traditional rental business.  These items range all the way from vintage furniture, cornhole games, and blue jars, to antique china, harvest tables, and wine barrels.  Many items in the inventory come from suggestions by the customers themselves and we LOVE to build one-of-a-kind specialty pieces.

What is something your wedding clients often seek? There really is no “got to have” item.  Anything goes!  The requests are as diverse as the couples getting married.  However, I’d say burlap table runners have been popular as well as shutters to hold seating cards.  Vintage bottles and old windows have been popular too.

What trend are you seeing in vintage weddings? Probably the biggest trend I’m seeing right now is the inclusion of one or several lounge areas at the wedding receptions.  Often it’s a collection of vintage furniture set up on a patch of grass to give the guests an opportunity to hang out in a “fancy” setting — even if the event is barn style!  Another trend on the horizon is the skipping of a sit down dinner and opting instead for grazing stations where guests can move around, socialize more, and sample a variety of appetizers.

How does the vintage rental process work? Currently, most of the selection of items is done through viewing photos of our inventory, either via e-mail or on our website.  Once a customer knows what they would like to reserve, they simply e-mail their choices and I have an invoice e-mailed to them. Pick up or you can add delivery options for additional fee.

Are these all your original pieces created from scratch or redesigned? Many items in our arsenal are the original items purchased with rental customers in mind.  These items might be used in a conventional way, but it’s also inspiring to help brides envision old things used in a new way; an old ladder displaying photos, cowboy boots holding flowers, an old boat keeping beverages cold. And my background really is in re-purposing, so it’s not unusual to see some of my creations make their way into the rental inventory. Examples include garden tool easels, ceremony backdrops from old doors, or chandeliers from old light fixtures.

What pieces would you love to see used for weddings or styled photo shoots? There are so many great pieces to choose from; it makes me want to get married all over again!  But I really fell in love with the lemonade stand that I made, and I LOVE the look and idea of old wine barrels.  Then again, I am a suitcase junkie, so that would be great too.  And I LOVE the industrial trend, so hoping that catches on here. Then there’s specialty ceremony pieces, and vintage china is so beautiful.

Ashley Mason – TwoFoot Creative, Grand Rapids

Food Truck Frenzy!

If your a foodie, and want to add some uniqueness to your wedding, a food truck might be the perfect thing to bring a little you into your special day.

Bringing a food truck to your wedding reception does require a few extra thoughts and proper planning. I took some notes from the Knot.com.

Think about when you’re going to plan your wedding. You don’t want your guests having to wait outside in the hot July weather in line to get food, however nothing beats an ice cream truck in the middle of summer.

The Knot suggests one truck for every 75 people. Although they can serve people quickly it still takes time.

After everyone gets their food they are going to need a place to eat it. The Knot suggests to either have a place for them to sit or let guests mingle and eat. With this I would keep it very casual and have fun with it.

Think about what kind of food truck you would like to see at your event. Do you want a cute retro one or the one you see on the everyday street.  If you see one somewhere and you like it, ask about rental options.

Decide which food course they will serve for your wedding. Will it be the main entree,  or will you have them for dessert or a late night snack? There are also some that do wine and beer tastings.

When we say food trucks most people think of the ones you find at your local fair: gyros, pizza, hot dogs, elephant ears, and funnel cakes. However, food carts are upping their game and serving small bites of some very tasty and higher end food in your own local cities. In Ann Arbor we have Mark Carts, who has everything from Indian, Vegetarian, and Mexican.

Looking for a perfect way to end the night? How about a late night snack that has waffles, fries, corn dogs, or Dinky Donuts.

One of my favorite weddings we did was Alexia and Nick, who had an ice cream truck.

You can use this trend in so many different ways, and make it as causal or high end as you want; but either way you will have one of the top food trends for this year!

Written by Melanie King, TwoFoot Creative – Ann Arbor





2013 Wedding Trend- Backdrops

I really am in love with the wedding trends for this year. Backdrops are HUGE this year, and there are so many ways to incorporate them into your wedding. This background below is amazing to me and so simple to do with a projector!

Backdrops add more dimension to your wedding. They give more focal points and can take an ordinary wall, empty spot, or even something you want to hide, into something that keeps your guests talking. Last year we did a wedding at a venue that had a blue wall that did not go with our couple’s room decor. Our florist piped and draped the wall with soft white fabrics, then she added some trees and frames to make our dessert table super gorgeous and very fall looking.

They can be used for: cake tables, ceremonies, photobooths, escort cards, gift tables, throughout your reception venue, and guest book tables. As you can see you can make them up from anything, I feel the more creative you are the better!

What items can you use? Let your imagination run wild… Use your monogram, flowers, movie tickets, places where all your guest are from, lace from your mothers wedding dress, ribbons, or crepe paper. This can be a DIY project, or your florist or designer can help you create the perfect backdrop for your wedding day!