Wonderstruck Music

Lauren Hanna owns Wonderstruck Music. She is an extremely talented composer and has been featured in films and TV shows.

Lauren has a wonderful company that will allow you to have a one of a kind song composed for your special day.

With some simple steps she will create a song just for you. Each song is 3-6 minutes, you get to pick the type of music like country, jazz, or salsa, then if you would like certain instruments she can add that as well. You can also either add your own lyrics or tell her what you are trying to say and she will write the lyrics. Then she will send you the sheet music for you to have.

A favorite wedding of mine from the past is when a groom walked down the aisle playing the guitar with a song he wrote for his bride, then he serenaded her as she walked down the aisle to him. It was a beautiful and special moment that you can also have on your special day.

The cost for this is anywhere from $150- $750 depending on the length of the song and how many instruments that you want included in the sheet music.

If you would like more information please make sure you check them out at: http://www.wonderstruckmusic.com

Melanie King – TwoFoot Creative, Ann Arbor




Pinterest Inspiration: How to bring a Homey Feeling to a Garden Wedding

Making a wedding have that homey feeling is letting your guests see a comfortable side of you. By adding small details into your décor you can make that happen! One of my favorite weddings from last year was one we did at a outside venue and the couple rented antique lounge furniture to create small outside rooms at the reception. It was super cute and the pictures were amazing!



Samantha and Michael Proffessional Photographs

First Comes Love Photography took these beautiful pictures! We just love Alison and she captured Samantha and Michael’s beautiful wedding day so well. Congratulations you two!

Bridal Hair

Have you chosen your bridal hair? When you go to your trials your hairstylist is going to want to see your ideas, including things you don’t like! I created a Pinterest Board of some cute hairstyles. I am sure a lot of you have done the same! Happy Pinning.


Hunger Games Inspired Wedding

I love the Hunger Games. Katniss and the love triangle between Peeta and Gale plus the intensity from the games just pulls you in. Here is a wedding inspiration board that I put together. Thank you Pinterest!!!


At Home Dress Parties

You never know where you are going to see something that is interesting for our couples and today I found it on Good Morning America.

At-home parties are a fun way to get a group of friends together and have some fun. You see jewelry parties, makeup, Tupperware, food, wine, and those famous Pure Romance parties! But now you can even find your wedding dress at one.

Kirstie Kelly, who is an amazing dress designer, has created a service called Borrow Me at www.kirstiekelly.com where you can borrow dresses for $35, which includes shipping a dress, and have them delivered to your home. You then get to try them on from the comfort of your own home with all your loved ones around you. 

Within one week from placing your order you will have your gowns ready for your party. You also get a consultant online that you can ask questions to while you are trying them on. After you receive your dresses you have 48 hours to return them.

You can also try bridesmaid dresses. If you find your dream dress you can buy it straight from their website which will take 12-14 weeks for your dress to be made and shipped to you.

I love this idea and the dresses that she has designed are gorgeous. The price for her dresses are anywhere between $400-$5000. So they are good for all budgets. If you are looking for THE dress or just want to have a girls night and try on some dresses make sure you check Kirstie Kelly’s gowns out!

Melanie King – TwoFoot Creative, Ann Arbor

Copyright & The Wedding Industry

On February 4th we had our Ann Arbor ABC meeting at the Michigan Union. It was a beautiful event and  we are so thankful to everyone who came out and supported the event!

The topic for night was about Copyright, the correct way to share those pictures online and how to correctly give credit to those who are involved in the event your sharing to others.

Alli McWhinney from Alli McWhinny Photography  was the speaker for the night. Alli was the perfect speaker for this topic with a license to practice law in Michigan and Massachusetts and having graduated from University of Miami with a degree in Business Marketing and a Juris Doctor Degree from Suffolk University Law School in Boston. This lady knows what she is taking about!

Do you even know what Copyright means?    Copyright is a legal device that gives the creator of a literary, artistic, musical or other creative work the soleright to publish and sell that work. Copyright owners have the right to control the reproduction of that work, including the right to receive payment for that work.

Some of the basics of learning about Copyright when applied to photographs are: Whoever takes the picture is the owner of that copyright, whoever is in the picture has no ownership, it is created at the time the picture is taken, and nothing needs to be done (registered) for the copyright to be legal.

We all know taking someone else’s work and saying it is our own is stealing, however even changing the color of a photo is infringement. Social Media sharing is huge, with us in the industry. It is how we get our work out there and it’s free for us to use as a way of getting our work out there for others to see. But first we need to remember these few things: Use the photographs with the Watermark on it, or credit the photographer and all vendors involved, credit the business page not their personal page, and add a link back to the page where you found the original work.

Something we do on our blog is ask the photographers for their professional photos to share on our blog. They are much prettier than the ones we take!  Alli suggests to make it easy for them to share the images with you, remind them that you want to share them, ask for specific pictures, and let them know what you are going to use them for.

So before you share that picture next time, think who you need to give credit too!

Melanie King – TwoFoot Creative, Ann Arbor



Meet Sarah Bahlibi- On Site Makeup Artist

Sarah is originally from Michigan where she started her career as a makeup artists and has currently been working and living in Los Angeles. She is coming back to Michigan for the summer and is available for your wedding day!

She is trained by Temptu as a licensed esthetician and went to makeup school in LA as well. She uses Temptu airbrush makeup because she believes it is the best makeup for bridal parties. Her bridal work has been featured on style me pretty, here is the link :  http://www.stylemepretty.com/tag/sarah-bahlibi/.

Her pricing starts at $125, and she has a few packages to choose from to help you get the services that you will need for your special day! All packages include airbrush and fake eye lashes.

Check out her work at : http://www.sarahbahlibi.com or her Facebook link: Facebook.com/sarahbahlibimakeup

And you can get a hold of her at : Sarahbmakeup@gmail.com






Bridal Fashion for 2014

Here Comes the Bride!! Fabsugar.com has created a list of the top trends for this year for wedding gowns. I went to one of my favorite designers Tara Keely to show some gorgeous gowns I found!

Short dresses- A few of our brides wore this style and I really love it, however it may not be the dress for every type of wedding. I am seeing this more of a garden, barn, or brunch type of wedding.




Covers- We see this a lot with brides getting married in Catholic churches that need to be covered. Then later they can take them off and show off their dress a little more.

Covers can be: shawls, gorgeous jackets, or boleros, but most importantly they are as dressy as your wedding dress.






Birds are a popular trend for weddings with décor; we see it in wedding dresses as well. Why not add some feathers to your wedding dress? I tried looking for a Tara Keely feather dress and could not, so here is a Johanna Johnson dress!






Pink- This makes me so happy. Pink is my signature color and seeing this soft shade of pink is a subtle way to add that uniqueness to your wedding without being over dramatic!







Roses- Rosettes sewed on to dresses, or the design on the fabric itself is a huge trend in bridal wear this year!





Lace on sleeves popping up everywhere say a big thanks to Kate Middleton for this!


Melanie King – TwoFoot Creative, Ann Arbor