Garrett’s Popcorn

For anyone who has eaten Garrett’s popcorn before you know how extremely delicious it is. They are a popcorn company that originated in Chicago, but now have thankfully traveled to Michigan. Even if you live out of state though, they do deliver nationwide.

We recently attended an event at the MGM Grand where Garrett’s popcorn was being handed out in favor bags. This is such a great idea for a favor at a wedding!

The Garrett Mix is their signature flavor it consists of equal parts caramel and cheese popcorn. They have a huge verity of yummy flavors to pick and choose from. The sizes they offer are a 6.5-gallon container where you could let guests bag their own popcorn the container costs $141.00.

The next option would be to get a party pack, you get the option of getting 24 or 48 bags per pack. They come pre-packaged so they recommend you have them delivered as close to your wedding date as possible. The 24 pack costs $189.00 and the 48 pack costs $349.00.

The next option, which I think is the best bang for your buck, is a 6.5-gallon container with 50 unfilled bags for $155.00. This is a great option if you or a designated person have time to fill all the bags prior to your wedding day.

If you would like to taste test Garrett’s Popcorn the only location in MI is at the Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi. Even if you choose to not incorporate it into your wedding I recommend going to get a bag to indulge in!  To contact Garrett Popcorn you can call (866) 6-POPCORN or go to

Pottery Barn Inspiration

Can you tell that we love Pottery Barn!?! Here is a wedding that was inspired by looking through a catalog. This wedding reminded of us spring and being in a beautiful garden. Enjoy!


Five Couples that (Really) Need a Planner

 1. The overworked couple

Maybe you have a full time job and go to school part time. Maybe you have a job that is crazy demanding. Maybe you work the night shift and sleep during the day leaving little to no time left for planning. If you fit into the overworked category, you just don’t have 400 hours (which is the average) to plan your wedding as well. A planner will cut that time down by about 75% if not more. A planner can help streamline the process, giving you choices – but just not as many of them. It will still be YOUR wedding, and you will be able to continue living your super busy life while planning it!

2. The uninterested couple

Now – this doesn’t mean you are not interested in your wedding! You just might not be interested in picking out the perfect shade of yellow linens. You don’t want to take the time to find the perfect buttercream frosting for your cake. You know you want to get married, you have a general idea of what you want it to “feel” like when you walk into the room, and you’d rather hand it off to someone else for the details. A planner can take that and run with it! You can still make decisions when necessary, but more often than not you are going to defer to their expertise and truly be a guest on your wedding day!

3. The out of town couple

You would LOVE to be heavily involved in planning your wedding – if only you lived within the same state. Or country. Or within driving distance. You might have to work from a different time zone, and getting calls in to vendors by closing time just isn’t going to happen. Or, your mom lives close to the wedding venue and the last thing you want is for this to become HER wedding. Having a planner in the area, who knows the local area and can act as a buffer between you and your family is critical! You will feel like an active participant in the process , without spending a fortune on airline tickets every other month.

4. The couple throwing a wedding at a non-traditional venue

At a ballroom, most couples can figure out the planning if they have the time and desire to do so. They make it fairly easy to pick between white or black linens, steak, chicken or fish for dinner, and give you a standard vendor list to be on your way. However – if you are getting married in a barn, at an industrial building, at a historic venue, in a park, at home, or anywhere else that doesn’t come with package A, B or C – you should AT LEAST consider hiring a day of coordinator. There are so many moving pieces involved on a wedding day, the last thing you want to do is field calls regarding loading docks, setup times, and how long you want the charger plates to stay on the tables.

5. The indecisive couple

Pinterest is your favorite website, and you could plan a million weddings! If only that wasn’t such a big problem… since you only get to (hopefully) plan one. You need someone to help you take all your fabulous ideas and narrow them down to one vision for the day. A planner can help make decisions with you! They can also point out the pros and cons of each of your ideas so that you can make a more educated decision that truly will reflect the wedding you want to show your family and friends.


Veil Alternatives

In the wedding world you see styles come and go through the years. One thing that has changed is veils.  Styles have gone from short to long and tulle to lace. Now brides are getting rid of them altogether!

Birdcage veils give an old Hollywood look to brides. They come in every color and can be accented with jewels, feathers, broaches, flowers, and ribbon.

For more of a bohemian look gold chain headpieces are a beautiful look. They are delicate and simple but make a big statement.

Headbands come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors so they suit a variety of different themes. If you still want a veil you can incorporate one unto your headband, and once the ceremony is over you can simply detach the veil for a more reception appropriate look.

Succulents are very popular in the floral world. It is no surprise that they have made their way into hair trends. Sticking with floral, flower headbands are gorgeous. This is a trend that I am completely in love with. Flower crowns come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors-they are completely customizable! What is your favorite look?

Melanie King – TwoFoot Creative, Ann Arbor

Spring Wedding Inspiration

Spring is finally around the corner, even though you wouldn’t know that by looking outside. After such a cold and snowy winter we are so excited to talk about spring weddings!

Pastel colors are a must- blue, pink, yellow, green, and purple. Bringing back the old school look of the rainbow bridesmaids dresses but with pastels instead of primary colors. It can be a good change from the typical uniform look of the same dresses.

When thinking of spring wedding dresses I envision a short wedding dress. Understandably some women can’t get past the idea of a long dress, if that is the case, an A-line with a flowing bottom would be a perfect look.

With the floral when I think springtime my mind goes straight to tulips.  They come in a variety of colors and can be arranged in multiple different ways. Lavender also comes to mind its simple and has a lovely smell. Another great flower to use is babies breath; it is an current wedding trend and it is inexpensive – great for brides on a budget and DIY-ers.

With all the beautiful floral colors, simple linens will complete the look. A fun centerpiece idea to use can be incorporating birdcages. You can also stick with the bird theme and add nests and eggs. Spring weddings are my personal favorite and we would love to help you plan yours!

Melanie King, TwoFoot Creative – Ann Arbor

Meet Outside the Blox Ice!

Outside the Blox Ice, LLC is a full service Ice Sculpture Company located in Livonia, Michigan. Owned and Operated by R.W. Ditto and Paul Nuznov, they have been in business since 2008. They make ice sculptures for all occasions, and are also very active in the winter festival scene, with their most recent being the Plymouth Ice festival. Aside from event and festival sculptures, they are also active on the professional competition circuit and are members of the National Ice Carving Association (NICA).

Do you have set sculptures you can make or do you allow customization?

We do have some “staple” wedding sculptures that we make (Swans, Twin Hearts, Intertwined Rings etc) but  in the last 3 years we have been seeing demand for more unique and customized sculptures. I don’t know much about wedding trends, but I can say that the sculptures are moving away from a generic love or wedding theme, and are going more toward a theme of “this is us and this is what we love”. For example, last fall we had a couple that both worked in trucking and shipping, which is where they met. They wanted a semi truck and trailer with their names engraved in the side as their wedding showpiece, it was a strange request.  We are always happy to accommodate unique sculpture requests, and with enough time and planning we can make almost anything out of ice.

How far in advance do you recommend people order their sculptures?

The earlier the better. We prefer 10 days prior to your event, but have been able to accommodate as little as 2 days notice. With short notice sculptures we may only be able to do sculptures from our catalog of designs. Custom sculptures take about 2-3 days of design work before we start sculpting, and spiral martini luges and floral centerpieces require us to make the ice blocks as we need them which require about 5 days to freeze.

How long do the sculptures normally last?

Single block sculptures and luges for an indoor event will last a long time, but a good rule of thumb is 4 hours at room temperature before most of the details will melt out. Larger sculptures and ice bars will last around 6-7 hours.  Outdoor events have more variables, but as long as they are out of direct sunlight and there is not too much wind single blocks will last 3-4 hours.

What is the price range for sculptures and do you deliver them?

Single block sculptures and luges run between $250 and $350. Ice bars and multiple block sculptures can range from $800 up. We include delivery and set up on all of our sculptures within 25 miles of our shop in Livonia, extended delivery does incur a nominal transportation fee.

How can customers contact you?

Anyone interested in an ice sculpture can contact us by phone at 734.502.0260 or email at , we can also be reached from our contact page on

Wedding Trends for 2015

We recently attended a NACE meeting at the MGM Grand in Detroit. The meeting consisted of a panel of experts in the industry regarding trends for 2015. We discussed catering, dresses, music, film, and floral.

For catering, what’s in are small plates, rather then having one big meal you are able to enjoy multiple smaller portions. Culture shock is another new trend in the catering world. This is where you combine the couple’s culture with food and create a new twist – like combining Italian and Polish food.

What’s new in the music world is more variety. DJs are playing more of a mix of oldies, pop, rap, EDM, alternative and country appealing to everyone’s music taste as opposed to starting with the 60′s during dinner and working your way up to modern music by the end of the night.

Wedding film has come a long way! The goal used to be to shove as much information into the allotted time slot, that is no longer the case. Videography now consists of telling the story of the couple. 

Dress styles are always changing, and this year’s trends are sleeves,  illusion necklines, lace, and low backs. For the men instead of tuxedos the more relaxed look of suites are very in style.

Floral and design are going old school.  It’s a return of the cascade bouquet, more plant material and greenery incorporated, and textures. Babies breath is also the newest go to flower in weddings. It’s simple and pretty and very easy to work with. We are so excited to see these new trends at our upcoming weddings! 

Meet Heat!

We recently did a Q&A with Heat, a wonderful salon in Lansing!

Tell us about yourself!

Heat is special because it was born from two very different perspectives. Co-Owner and Founder Dan Buccilli brings his passion for hair and creativity to Heat as head stylist, while Co-Owner Molly Chan’s passion for Heat was born more from providing people with an amazing experience that impacts their day in a positive way.  Chan is not a stylist, just a blow out addict, as she calls herself. Chan treated herself to the affordable luxury of getting her hair blown out twice a week while going through the journey of her husband’s cancer battle. The time she spent taking care of herself and loving herself was a blessing and a reprieve from the ugliness of cancer.  Chan had such a positive experience during such a difficult time, and Heat was born to give this same positive experience and feeling to our clients, including our brides. As East Lansing’s newest specialty boutique salon, we are very popular among the community for the unique services we offer. Specializing in all things blowouts, hair styling and finishing, just no color. We also offer airbrush make-up application, manicures, pedicures, and even private parties. We use Bumble and bumble. products and have a team of four stylists including Buccilli. Heat has had so much success since the opening in August 2014 that they have now created a menu of bridal services.

-What sets you apart from other salons?

We set our self apart from at her salons because we are a specialty boutique style salon that specializes in all things blowouts, hair styling and finishing. We have two stylists certified in editorial bridal styling. We offer most salon services but most popular with brides are Flawless airbrush make up applications, nails and of course bridal up styling aka the Audrey.

-What services do you offer for brides?

We offer two bridal packages to choose from as well as the bridal consultation/trial.
Bridal Practice
Bridal Style
Bridal Packages:
My Fair Lady (Rehearsal Dinner Blowout + Bridal Style) $100
Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Bridal Practice + Rehearsal Dinner Blowout +Bridal Style) $160

-Do you offer any specials for brides or the entire bridal party?

We are very accommodating to bridal parties. For parties of four or more people we will privately book the salon out to create the most relaxing environment. And please enjoy a mimosa on us!

-What are the average costs?

Our prices are very competitive in the area.
Bridal rehearsal- $65
Bridal style- $80
Bridal party up do- $65
Blowout- $27
Airbrush makeup application- $50
Lash application- $15
Nails- $25-35

-How far in advance do you recommend brides to book an appointment?

We recommend scheduling a trial/consultation at least two weeks in advance. Parties of 3 or more should book out 4-6 weeks in advance.

-How can brides get in touch with you to book?

You can contact us via email at
Phone- 517-575-6275

Valentines Day Proposals

Valentines day is right around the corner, this means that it is proposal season.  Here are some classically romantic ways to ask for her hand in marriage.

Take her to her favorite fancy restaurant and before dessert comes out have the chef write on the plate “Will You Marry Me”. It is a very classic way to propose, but still very sweet and romantic.

Take advantage of all this snow and surprise her by having “Will You Marry Me” written in the snow.

You could write it with rose petals, but make sure it isn’t windy out!


Do a scavenger hunt; give her clues to lead her to different places. On each clue have something that you love about her. Once she figures out the final clue and makes it to the last location be waiting for her on one knee.


Get you friends and family involved and make a fun video of you proposing. Show your girlfriend the video when you are all cuddled up on the couch after a delicious dinner.


Take her down to Detroit to go ice-skating at Campus Martius, while out on the rink skate to the middle with her hand in yours and pop the question!

Take her on a winter picnic. Get all bundled up grab lots of blankets and hot chocolate. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, and when she is least expecting it ask her to marry you.

Movie themed proposals are fun and unique. Pick a movie that is significant to you as a couple.  With the movie UP recreate the adventure book scene by creating a book of your own then ask her if she wants to start you’re next adventure together.

If she is a fan of winter sports take her skiing and surprise her by proposing while you are riding on the chair lift.


Flash mobs are always a great idea for more adventurous couples. Surprise your ladylove in a public space with an outbreak of dancers. Make sure to put on your dancing shoes and move to the beat.


The best advice we could give a man looking to propose, is make sure it’s unique to you as a couple. With February 14th being a day dedicated to love, what could possibly be a better time to ask the love of your life to be your wife?

Meet Morning Glory Coffee and Pastries

Hi! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Jenn Tilton, and I’m the Executive Pastry Chef at Moring Glory Coffee and Pastries. I’m a certified Pastry Chef through the Baker College Baking/Pastry program. I truly love what I do, and I have a great team behind me that carry the same passion as I do!

-What makes your cakes special from other cake?
I believe me and my team truly put in a lot of caring effort, and only strive to make your vision come to life! We are always researching what’s trendy, keeping the classics, and go way out of the box! I believe all bakery’s have “their” own great talent, but I feel we have a great calibration of styles and personalities that make Morning Glory stand out! 
-How large of wedding cakes are you able to make?
There is no limit. We will make your vision come to life! From a two tier cake all the way to a six tier cake, we will find a way to accommodate you and your guests.

-Do you use fondant or buttercream frosting?
We specialize in both. We are known for our house made buttercream, that’s made daily, but we also have decorators that excel in fondant.

- How far in advance would you recommend people order their cake?
For your celebration cakes we ask for 48 hours, but for wedding cakes most of our clients order their cakes minimally one month prior to their BIG day! We ask for one month in advance to get all the fine details in order. Tasting’s are heldTuesday through Friday’s and we ask for a 48 hour notice, before noon.
-How can people contact you?
You can reach us via phone: 313-647-0298

Morning Glory Coffee and Pastries
85 Kercheval Ave
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236

Facebook- Morning Glory Coffee and Pastries