It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and what a better way to celebrate than with a Christmas themed wedding?! With Christmas right around the corner it seems like the perfect time to give some fun ideas to make your day sparkle.

First of all ideal color choices for a Christmas wedding are red, green, silver, white, and gold but you can also add a little extra bling with sequins. To really stick with a Christmas theme poinsettias and evergreens are a must!

Another fun thing to add is pinecones. Everyone loves leaving a wedding with a favor and it is the season of giving so give out a gift that they can cherish forever with an ornament. Another fun way to incorporate ornaments into your wedding day is to ask guests to bring one as a gift to you, this is a fun way to remember who all attended your wedding and a great way to get started with a beautiful tree.

Another cute favor idea is to do stockings as silverware holders that add a cute element to the table. To keep guests feeling warm inside a hot chocolate bar is the perfect snack. Everyone can grab a mug of this yummy treat and add whatever toppings they desire like whipped cream, caramel, marshmallows, even candy cane crumbles!

If you really want to go all the way with your theme you could play christmas music all through the night. Who needs a limo when you can arrive to your ceremony a horse drawn sleigh?! If a Christmas is something that you desire, let us know and we can help you make it happen!

Meet our lovely intern Rachel!

My name is Rachel Putnam and I am 22 years old. I recently finished my course work at Central Michigan University and am currently working on my internship to earn a degree in Recreation and Event Management with a minor in Hospitality. For my internship I decided to follow my passion and work in wedding planning.

 Since I was little I have always loved the magic of weddings, from the dress & decor to the excitement of the party. After planning my sister’s wedding I realized that it was the career for me. Working with TwoFoot Creative has given me amazing opportunities that I would have never imagined. I have been fully engrossed into the wedding world, and I am loving every minute of it. I personally am a details person so I love all the small things that make each wedding unique. My favorite part of a wedding is when everyone is on the dance floor, all the stress is gone and the couple can just dance and have fun.

Since I began my internship I have learned so much and I am excited to see what the next couple of months have in store for me!


I was recently introduced the company called Hatch. I could spend a whole day looking at all of their adorable items they have! They have a huge selection of items that can be used for your wedding day, as gifts, décor, or even items for your home! Take a moment to check them out!

Hello brides! Let us introduce you to!

We know you want your wedding to be as unique as you and your fiancé, and that’s why offers hundreds of one-of-a-kind wedding products for every step of your journey down the isle. At, we curate high quality makers who specialize in handmade, customizable goods. Every item in our shop can be customized, so think of yourself not as a customer, but as a co-creator!

From wedding planners to bridesmaids’ gifts to cake toppers, create something special for your big day. We can fit a variety of budgets, so let us show you some of the wonderful ways you can customize a wedding with us!

If you’re a bride that only has a few missing pieces left on your checklist, visit the wedding tab on our site and search by item! We offer wedding albums, cake toppers, table décor, invitations, rings, you name it!

For the bride just looking to get inspired, go to our weddings tab and pick a wedding style! Choose from categories like “rustic wedding” and “beach wedding” to browse items by design aesthetic.

To keep track of the items you love and add them to your growing Pinterest board, check us out on Pinterest at ! All of our pins link to our site, so you can buy what you love in just a few clicks!

Looking for a little more guidance as you collect items for you big day? We’re happy to help! Email us at to work one-on-one with a wedding-savvy employee.

Here’s how to find us:

Main site:


Instagram: @hatchhq


Twitter: @hatchco



We can’t wait to create with you!

Sincerely, The Hatch Team


Sarah & Kent’s Professional Photo Blog!

Here are some amazing pictures at White Oaks Farm this past July from Sarah & Kent’s adorable wedding taken by Yana B. You can check her out at


Meet Brent & Jess!

Welcome to our newest Q&A! Tell us about yourself: I am Jessica Williams, the Jess in Brent&Jess. Family is really important to me. I love sentimental things.I have a BFA from Maine College of Art.I live on the beautiful cost of Maine with my three kids two dogs and Husband business partner Brent.

What is something unique about you? I have a passion for my family and honoring the past.  I love old photos and reading my grandparents love letters they wrote during WWII.

How do we create a fingerprint ring? Brent is our innovator, inventor.  He came up with our patented process for making the wrapped fingerprint rings.  We have some excellent technology as well as an artistry behind our rings.  We were some of the original makers of the fingerprint rings.  Ours are handcrafted with Love. Our fingerprints are not just a light surface mark on the ring they are a texture.

Can we create our own ring? We have a consultative process, so yes! We are happy to work with you on specifications you would like your ring to have.  We have a Brent&Jess look we work in and will not copy other designers styles.  We use YOUR unique fingerprint to create your custom ring.  We work in Sterling, gold (white, rose, yellow), platinum and palladium.

How much do these cost? Starting cost is $195 in Sterling silver.  The gold market is quite a bit higher.  For 14k gold they are priced by ring size dependent on the gold market.  For a size 7 3mm ring (narrow) it would be $480 in 14k white.

Can we do jewelry other than rings? Yes we handcraft Necklaces and bracelets as well :)

What else can we put on a ring other than a fingerprint? We can use your handwriting as well. We have made some extraordinary rings with personal handwritten sentiments on them.

How can we get a hold of you? We love emails :)  or you like phone calls we can do that too. (888) 370-7042

Meet Andrea Casey!

If you are thinking of using chalkboards for your wedding, whether it is for seating charts, welcome signs, or an itinerary, you need to check out Andrea Casey! We did a fun Q & A with her!

Tell us about yourself? I’m born and raised in Connecticut, attended School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and I’m now living back home with the coolest boyfriend ever. We have an organic garden, we play the best music on our vinyl record player, and we hike all over the place. Thankfully my job allows me to work from home full time (and ship out nationwide) and it often feels too-good-to-be-true!

 How you started your company? Sort of by accident…I quit my previous  job at a screen printing shop (sweat shop – it was awful) from getting sick off fumes, and found myself hectically looking for work when I realized there was a real market to be made on hand-drawn lettering in a broad spectrum. And from there my persistence went crazy!

 What you can do for our couples? Anything that requires signs or illustrations. Seating charts, welcome signs, invitation design, photo booth back drops, programs, menus, table numbers, portraits, event paintings, etc…

Something unique about you? I care about the Earth more than anything else. In all aspects of my life – from what I consume, to where it comes from, to what it’s made of. I allow zero chemicals, toxins, or waste in my life – and that includes my work. All of the materials I use have little carbon footprint, are chemical-free and are from  recycled materials whenever the option is available.


Costs? My pricing is dependent on sizing and content. See attached photo for some examples…

And anything else you think our couples would like to know. I provide sketches of every proposed project before the finished product which are based on a series of questions asked to the each client; such as, color theme, style, illustration requests, and font options. This way, I ensure a happy customer experience and they feel their vision is being accurately translated.

Melanie King, TwoFoot Creative


Anni & Rafael’s Professional Pictures!

Take a break and enjoy these amazing pictures from Amanda Mae Photography! These are from Anni & Rafael’s August 9th wedding at Cottonwood in Dexter, MI.

Sunbeam Candles

David from Sunbeam Candles sent these amazing candles to our office, and they smell so good! We had to share them with you! They are eco-friendly and would be a great addition to your wedding day! Here is a post written by David about their company:

“Add a classic touch to your wedding and give memorable gifts with eco-crafted candles. The soft flickering glow of candlelight is unique—it has the magical effect of creating a warm, inviting setting that lingers in the mind long after your special event is past. Lighting a flame universally symbolizes creation, new beginnings, and rekindling of memories.

Sunbeam Candles is solar-powered and is committed to socially responsible, environmentally sound, ethical and sustainable business practices to promote wellness for our customers and employees. We are professional chandlers who craft our candles in small batches with care, using non-toxic ingredients and reducing waste as much as we can. Sunbeam Candles offers an extensive collection of pillars, tapers, and votives that are perfect for weddings. The pricing varies depending on the type and quantity of candles you need, and whether you’d like to take advantage of our customization options. We offer pure beeswax, non-GMO soy wax, and aromatherapy candles crafted with 100% pure essential oils.  A full brochure & price list can be found on our website and we are happy to answer any questions or give quotes by phone or email.

We are a small business, which means you get the personal attention you deserve to help you customize your order. We work with you to ensure that your order is crafted to perfection and shipped to your destination on time.

About our candles: Sunbeam candles are crafted from the purest ingredients available. We source all our beeswax and certified non-GMO soy wax from U.S.-based beekeepers and farmers. Our scented candles are crafted with 100% pure essential oils (we never use synthetic fragrances). We offer our aromatherapy candles in pure beeswax, our own beeswax/soy wax blend, soy wax (in tins), and a paraffin/palm oil blend of waxes. We also offer unscented beeswax and soy wax options. Pure beeswax burns beautifully and emits negative ions. Our beeswax line is extensive and includes hand-dipped tapers, votives, pillars and a variety of specialty shapes. Please consult our price list to view your custom label options.”

Crate and Barrel fall Inspiration!

We love Crate and Barrel and we get inspired every time we look through their magazine we find ideas for weddings! Their fall look book had some great ideas but we love this living room picture that gave us the idea for this inspiration board.