Rosie & KC : The Professional Photographs by A Girl In Love Photography

Rosie and KC were married at the quaint Ferry Street Inn in Detroit. Melissa from A Girl In Love Photography fit their wedding style perfectly, and we love working with her. When you look at these photos you will see why!


Pantone Inspiration

Is it spring yet?! Looking out my window seeing a cold, wet, winter rain has me dreaming about a warm spring day. Thankfully, a few months ago Pantone released their Spring 2016 fashion color report so I can warm myself up looking at the bright colors chosen for this coming season.

According to their report, “colors this season transcend cultural and gender norms”. This unisex palette includes vivid brights and serene natural hues giving “no perceivable distinctions in color choices between men’s and women’s collections”. Brighten up your day by checking out this trending palette:

Rose Quartz: A gentle tone conveying compassion and composure. It evokes images of a calm sunset or flushed cheek. Pairs with: Peach Echo, Serenity, Lilac Gray

Peach Echo: A warm, more tempered member of the orange family. Bring airy romance your palette with this color. Pairs with: Rose Quartz, Serenity, Lilac Gray

Serenity: As its name suggests, this color emanates tranquility and calm. It brings the expansive blue sky a little closer to earth. Pairs with: Buttercup, Snorkel Blue, Peach Echo

Snorkel Blue: A marine and nautical hue. More energetic and playful than other navy family members. Pairs with: Buttercup, Iced Coffee, Peach Echo

Buttercup: This color ushers in the brighter members of this palette. It transports you to sunny, happy, and vibrant place. Pairs with: Snorkel Blue, Serenity, Lilac Gray

Limpet Shell: Another marine hue. It’s crisp and clean without being cold, like the shallow waters of a Caribbean island. Pairs with: Iced Coffee, Peach Echo, Rose Quartz

Lilac Gray: One of the neutrals of this collection. The lilac is a subtle undertone but instantly brightens and warms its gray base. Pairs with: Fiesta, Green Flash, Iced Coffee

Fiesta: This tone is the most energetic of the palette. Truly a color you would wear to a “fiesta” as it brings excitement and a fiery spirit to mind. Pairs with: Snorkel Blue, Green Flash, Limpet Shell

Iced Coffee: An earthy and subtle neutral. This color offers a stable and earthy foundation to build upon. Pairs with: Rose Quartz, Serenity, Lilac Gray

Green Flash: Step out of the box with this “flashy” color. Though positively vibrant, Green Flash still gives the palette an earthiness, like the emergence of bright green grass after a long winter. Pairs with: Snorkel Blue, Serenity, Limpet Shell

I am in love with this palette and am hoping to see some of them during this upcoming wedding season!



Lindsay & Matt the Professional Photography by A Girl in Love Photography!

Lindsay and Matt had an amazing wedding day! Their reception was at the Big House and Melissa from A Girl In Love took these beautiful moments for everyone to remember.


Alix & Jeff : The Professional Photographs by Nessa K!

Alix and Jeff were married at Nordman Lake Lodge, and had the amazing and very talented Nessa K as their photographer. I have been anxiously awaiting these pictures!


Tips on Planning a Holiday Wedding

One of the questions I have answered a few times with my couples when they are still deciding on a date: “Is it OK to plan a wedding over a holiday weekend?” Whether it’s Memorial Day, Labor Day, or another holiday that happens to fall on the weekend, we do get asked if what are the Pro’s and Con’s of planning a wedding on that weekend.

First of all, yes it happens all the time, most of us in the event industry can tell you we are usually busy every holiday, but that is one of the reasons why we love our jobs!

Her are a few tips:

Send out Save the dates early. That way people don’t make plans, and they can book hotels and flights.

Do a Wedding Website that will have all the details so guests can see what the plans are. You may be planning a BBQ or something to help celebrate the holiday, or have extra information your guests need to know. This way your Save the Date can have the basic information and then your website can have everything else.

Book hotel blocks early- Start calling hotels ASAP and see if they will let you block hotels, and don’t use the ones that require a deposit by you or a fee if you don’t book all your rooms. You will probably also want to book for the whole weekend and not just the one night.

Are Sunday weddings OK? In my opinion on Labor Day and Memorial Day weekend, we do it all the time. Those weekends often feature Friday weddings too! In fact they are usually are most popular weekends and we are booked the whole weekend. Since most people have the Monday it’s like having an extra Saturday for a wedding, so go ahead and plan away. Don’t expect Sunday discounts on those Sundays though!

Plan early- You need to book things earlier, like I mentioned before for those of us who are in this industry we get booked quick so if you have someone or a venue in mind that you just have to have make those meetings and put down the deposit if you know you want to have them for your wedding. There will also be vendors that don’t work on holiday weekend, so expect a few no’s!

Transportation- This could fall under the what I said before, but if you know that you will have a lot of people coming from out of town and you will be providing transportation just don’t wait until the last minute because they will book up quicker than usual.

Something else I have been asked is will my guests stay and party with us at our reception, if it’s a Sunday. In my opinion, if they are having a good time, YES!!!  I have had Saturday weddings that clear out before the night is over. A lot of the time, the people that stay until the end are your bridal party, sometimes your parents, and your close friends, and they don’t care what day it is because they are there to celebrate you!

I hope this helps and gives you a few tips on how to plan around a holiday. And as always you can hire us to help you make it happen!!



Dottie & Aaron: Professional Photographs by Amanda Dumouchelle Photography!

This was a beautiful wedding at Cottonwood Barn! Check out these amazing photographs from Dottie and Aaron’s wedding day by Amanda Dumouchelle Photography.


Unique Programs

At one of our weddings this past season our bride had put together cootie catcher programs. 

I thought it was such a cute and different way to present them. With all of the other details that go into a wedding, the wedding programs can be one of the things that go overlooked.

Seeing those cootie catchers reminded me that those unique details go a long way! Here are some ideas for non-traditional programs to get you thinking out of the box…