Dreaming of a Winter White Wedding?

On a snowy day one can dream of a winter wedding. There is something romantic and elegant about a wedding in the winter. Here is some inspiration to help you create a beautiful wedding in the snowy weather!


Pottery Barn Inspiration

Ideas for us come from looking at magazines, browsing websites, and even Pinterest. It’s fun to take a picture and create a décor ideas from it.

Couples do like to share their vision boards with us and sometimes it is up to us to figure out how to make that look come true. Often times it’s also up to us to create the look with a much smaller budget than what the picture shows.

I love the details in this picture from Pottery Barn’s wedding blog and the colors are vibrant, which today looking out my window is exactly what I need to cheer up with gray day.



To create this look I would start with the linen, having a eye catching color like this draws guests to the tables; it’s warm and inviting. Chair Covers and Linens has a table linen called Spanish Gold Bengaline Moire which I think is perfect for this.



Special Events Rental has this charger in Colbat Blue. Chargers are a great way to add color to a table because it stays on the table and then your dinner plate will be set here and taken away after dinner so the color remains on the table.

For china, I love the look of mismatched china on a table for weddings. There are a few companies here in Michigan where you can rent matched sets or mismatched sets.

For the lanterns on the table, many florists will have these for you to rent. These lanterns I found are a Turkish style of lantern. You could also use the holes in the pattern to stick some of the flowers into, and obviously if you did that you would need to use LED candles inside the lantern (no one likes the smell of burnt flowers).

Succulents are so pretty when mixed in with colorful flowers. They hold up very well, and add a new texture into your décor. I have seen these used quite a lot the past few years in our weddings.

For the other flowers, anything bold and colorful will work: ranunculus,  anemone, or even roses!  There are so many bright colored flowers that you could fit this to any budget.

The pretty glassware can even be rented. I would suggest trying to rent all of your dinnerware from one company so it will reduce your delivery cost and make it easier on you and everyone involved. But don’t worry there are great companies around that you can rent it all from. These cups are also from Special Event Rentals!

I hope this helps you see that you can pick out a picture of a table design and create your own version of it. Based on your budget you may be able to include all of it or maybe just use the colors as a start for a design that does fit into your budget. And as always we are here to help your designs become an actual reality!

Melanie King, TwoFoot Creative – Ann Arbor






I DO Decals!

We were very excited to hear about I DO Decals- Event static clings, and removable decals, for windows, walls, floors and vehicles, are a great way to celebrate a family member or friends personal accomplishment, Birthday, Graduation, Wedding, Welcome home, New business (removable decals for vehicles), or New Baby.  I DO Decals can help you create one of a kind just married signs, wedding banners, wedding reception signs, wedding yard signs, Heart Shaped Magnets, Birthday signs, and much more. 


Pick a photo, shape, and colors and create the perfect keepsake, removable decal.  Apply removable decals to all types of surfaces, Over 25 Shapes available. Interior or Exterior. The possibilities are endless. If an I DO Decal sounds like the perfect thing for your wedding check out http://www.idodecals.com. You can also call 734.422.9223 or email Genia at genia@idodecals.com.


Sandals Barbados is open!

Sandals Barbados is open! The New York Times posted this article yesterday, can’t wait to visit the property! Make sure you contact us to help you find out if this is the property for you – there is no charge for us to help with your honeymoon booking!

The new couples-only Sandals Barbados, which opened late last month, is poised to be one of the most upscale in the group of 15 all-inclusive resorts.

Its 280 rooms range from beachfront suites serviced by butlers to new-to-the-brand swim-up suites spaced along a river pool. Furnishings include mahogany four-poster beds and deep soaking tubs both inside bathrooms and outdoors on terraces.

Amenities include 11 restaurants, among them a steakhouse, Japanese grill, French brasserie and Sandals’ first Indian restaurant.

One of three pools will be ringed with cabanas featuring chandeliers, sofas and power outlets for charging mobile devices. And the six-room spa will pair cocktails and services during happy hour, and introduce couples’ massage services in its treatment cottages or in guestrooms.

Sandals Barbados replaces the all-inclusive competitor Couples Barbados. The company plans to begin building a family all-inclusive on the island later this year.

Rooms at adults-only Sandals Barbados start at $370, per person.

Naked Cakes!

If you are not a fan of frosting then we have to perfect cake for you!  Naked cakes are the newest trend in the wedding world.

The simplicity of these cakes is what makes them beautiful. The cakes are simply layered cakes without frosting on the outside. The fun part about these cakes is how you decorate them.

Flowers are the most used items, but fruit can also be very pretty or you could use both! You can use different cake flavors to switch up the coloring of the layers. If you really want to switch things up you could make the tiers a square rather then the typical round shape. These cakes are lovely to look and even better to eat, I hope this is a trend that sticks around.




Cigar and Whiskey Tastings!

What better way to surprise your groom then with a cigar bar and whisky tasting? While all the women are out on the dance floor, give the men an activity of their own.

Set out a selection of cigars, matches, and cigar cutters and let them do all the work. You can even set up a lounge area to make sure the smoke doesn’t bother the other guests.

Another great activity for the men is a whisky-tasting bar. Set out glasses and different types of whisky for them to try, you could even set out small appetizers to pair with the different types of whisky.  If your groom is not a fan of whisky you can do a scotch bar, or if you have guests that are ready to party a tequila bar is always an option!

Tiffany and Zach the Professional Photos!

You have to stop and look at these beautiful pictures by Christopher Belli! These were taken at the gorgeous Sunset Cove, just in case you didn’t get enough of Tiff & Zac yesterday!



Dessert options for weddings

I was born with the curse of an extreme sweet tooth, so desserts are one of my favorite things! A few years ago when going to a wedding you knew the dessert would be cake, but times have changed. Now when heading to a reception you never know what sweet treats may be waiting for you!

There are so many tasty options to go with the wedding theme or to compliment the bride and grooms specific tastes. Candy bars are very popular; they are a great way to show off your colors and theme. You can also provide take home bags for guest to fill up as a wedding favor.

Cupcakes are always fun and there are so many things that you can decorate them with. Cupcakes are great if you want to have a large variety of flavors.

Cake pops are one of the newer trends, another great way to offer all different kind of flavors. They are easy to eat so they are perfect for outside weddings. Another great dessert option for an outside weddings is pie. Pies are the perfect thing for barn and farmers market weddings. They are great for fall weddings when everyone is craving pumpkin and apple pies.

If your wedding is outside in the summer a perfect way to cool off is an ice cream sundae bar. Offering different ice cream flavors and all different toppings is a fun way for guests to make their own favorite. It can also be a less expensive dessert option. Another great way to incorporate ice cream is to hire an ice cream truck to come to your venue – guests will love the nostalgic feelings of hearing that iconic song coming from the truck and getting to pick their beloved childhood treat.

For a more colorful option, macarons are the perfect thing. Macarons are adorable and come in all different flavors. They are a cute little dessert that are easy to eat and serving them is a breeze because no cutting is involved.

Cookie stations are so fun and a great choice for a wedding that has kids in attendance. You can offer all different types of cookies and also a cookie decoration station with frosting and toppings that can be a fun activity.

Every wedding is unique and different dessert options are a great way for couples to show off there tastes!

Frozen Inspired Wedding

Grab a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy! Frozen has taken over, even if you haven’t seen the movie you have heard the song, Let it Go!  Since winter is here I thought it would be appropriate for a snow inspired wedding.