Latest Painting from CurlyArt

This series of four paintings from CurlyArt is not from one of my couples, but I had to post it because it is so unique! The sheer petals are from the bride’s dress, and rhinestones from her bouquet. The wedding was of a vintage style, so a teapot, teacup and penny-farthing were incorporated to showcase that style. Her wedding bouquet included white roses, green fuji mums, and babies breath.

Whitney & Bill’s painting from CurlyArt

Whitney & Bill were married in August at Ingalls Mall and the Michigan League in Ann Arbor, MI. After their wedding, I shipped Whitney’s bouquet off to CurlyArt to press and later incorporate into the gorgeous painting you see above! She used elements from the invitations (designed by Paisley Quill) as well as a few flowers from the centerpieces as well to bring in more color.

This is a 16×20 painting, and flowers used include orchids, hydrangea, roses, calla lilies, as well as leaves. Congratulations!

Alice & Mick’s Bouquet Painting

CurlyArt bouquet painting preservation of wedding bouquet on canvas

Alice & Mick were married back in June, and Alice’s family loves artwork so it was no surprise to me that she had her bouquet sent to CurlyArt to create a custom piece from the pressed flowers in her bouquet!

CurlyArt bouquet painting preservation of wedding bouquet on canvas

At the bottom of the painting, Betty (the artist) added a rabbit and a red rose in honor of Alice & Mick’s subtle Alice in Wonderland theme. Alice’s flowers were all roses and peonies. Congratulations!

Shawn & Corey’s Bouquet Painting by CurlyArt!

CurlyArt bouquet painting preservation of wedding bouquet on canvas

Shawn & Corey were married August 1st of 2010. Shawn had me send her bouquet in to CurlyArt to have it preserved as a canvas painting – isn’t it gorgeous?!

The blue is incorporated because Shawn’s blue shoes were one of her favorite aspects of the day. Her flowers were roses and bells of Ireland – a tribute to her heritage.

Congratulations to you both – I am so excited about the new addition to your family as well!

Jen’s Bouquet Painting

CurlyArt bouquet painting preservation on canvas with calla lilies and hydrangea

Jen & John were married back in June, and Jen had her bouquet sent to CurlyArt to preserve as two canvas paintings. Her flowers were calla lilies and hydrangea, and both of these canvases are 12×12. They turned out beautifully!

CurlyArt bouquet painting preservation on canvas

Theirs was a great wedding to help plan – I love being part of weddings where I have worked with one of the families before! You might remember Jen’s sister Aimee, who also had her bouquet preserved through CurlyArt!

Emily’s Bouquet Painting!

CurlyArt bouquet painting preservation on canvas

Emily & Eli were married at Misty Farm in Ann Arbor, MI back in September. The TwoFoot Creative team had a wonderful time planning their wedding, and everything turned out beautifully – including these paintings!

Betty from CurlyArt pressed her bouquet and created not only a beautiful painting for them, but also for each of their parents! These make wonderful gifts after the wedding as a thank you for support and love :)

CurlyArt bouquet painting parent gift for weddings

Congratulations again Emily & Eli!

Corey’s Bouquet Paintings

Bouquet preservation canvas painting CurlyArt

Corey was married to Danny on June 19th of this year, and her bouquet along with a bridesmaid’s bouquet were sent to Betty at CurlyArt to be pressed and turned into two paintings – one for Corey and one for her parents!

Bouquet used for bouquet paintingBouquet for painting by CurlyArt

Above you can see the bouquets, which are taken apart and pressed petal by petal for 2-3 months before the painting begins! The first painting is a 20×20, and her mom’s painting is a 10×10. Flowers used include calla lilies, roses, peonies, hydrangea, stephanotis and lisianthis.

Bouquet painting pressed flowers CurlyArt wedding