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Alex & Cruz are Married! 11.01.2014

Alex & Cruz were married on November 1st last year at Meadowbrook Hall. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding, and I had so much fun working with them!

Bill Hamilton Designs and Chair Covers & Linens did a marvelous job creating the look that Alex wanted in the room. Everyone fit perfectly in the Christopher Wren, and it looked so pretty!

Mary Ann Productions rocked the night away downstairs once dinner was over. Guests were having so much fun, the end of night shuttle was PACKED!

It was our first time working with BAM Photo, and Zingerman’s created an absolutely stunning wedding cake for the two of them.

Congratulations Alex & Cruz, we are so happy for you!

ABC at Prickly Pear Ann Arbor

We had a wonderful time in May at our ABC meeting at the Prickly Pear. It was the perfect day to enjoy some margaritas and sit out on the back porch!

Our amazing sponsors for the meeting where: Alexa Stanard who spoke to us about editorial submissions, Lilliah & Josh Photography who took these amazing pictures below, Chair Covers and Linens who added color to our meeting, Yael from Designs That Matter who made the awesome centerpieces to go with the theme, Elysium Experience who helped make the night fabulous with DJing and even singing through dinner time, Mike from Jarman Art drew the front of The Prickly Pear and brought along extra art work, and last but not least Prickly Pear for the venue and food!

Enjoy these picuteres and this great Time Laps video from Lilliah & Josh as well:

Thanks to everyone who made it out!


Downton Abbey’s: Mary’s wedding Inspiration

I know that I am late to join the Downton Abbey fan club but I am addicted and wanted to show some love to the fabulous Mary Crawley! I am so happy that her and Matthew finally got married, they are perfect for each other…

I love her classic look, and wanted to create a wedding like hers. I wish we could have seen more of the dinner for décor’, but I used her over all look to create a complete wedding. I hope you enjoy!


The dress is a such a classic look- Lady Mary’s dress cost $6500 to make by costume designer for the show, Caroline McCall. This dress is by one of my favorite dress designer Jenny Packham- it’s called the Azalea Gown which is half the price of the real dress.

The most expensive part of her attire for the day was the headpiece which cost $200,000,or you can rent it for $2000.

For most of us that is not in the wedding budget but this cheaper alternative could help. I found these beauties on Etsy for $60.00.




For Mary’s veil you need a chapel length veil and a blusher in the front. The one I found on Etsy costs $125 and is said to be a very close replica of the original!



To finish her look, you will need single stem calla lilies as your bridal bouquet. These you could order through a florist, local farmers market, or you could try and get them shipped to you through a wholesale company but then you will have to process them yourselves and that could be a little stressful to do before your big day!

I hope you enjoyed this, and now I am going to curl up grab a cup of tea and watch another episode of Downton Abbey!


Melanie King – TwoFoot Creative, Ann Arbor








What do I wear?

Deciding on what type of wedding you are going to have factors into what your guest will also be wearing. There are four main types of main dress to weddings: White Tie, Black Tie, Semi-formal, and Causal.

White Tie- is the most formal you can go. For ladies: this is a floor length gown, gloves can be optional.

For men: a tuxedo, a long black jacket with tails, a formal white shirt, white vest and bow tie, white or gray gloves, and black formal shoes.


Black Tie- this is still formal and usually and evening event. For ladies: you can still wear a floor length gown, or a dressy cocktail dress.

For men :  A tuxedo. A black bow tie, black vest or cummerbund, and patent leather shoes are also suggested. For summer weddings, a white dinner jacket and black tuxedo trousers are also acceptable.


Semi-Formal- This is probably the most popular attire for weddings. Take into consideration the season and time of the wedding.

For ladies- cocktail dress, or long skirt with a nice blouse.

For men: A suit and tie.


Casual- I would look at the venue and ask what people in the bridal party are wearing. You don’t want to be wearing heels at a beach or barn venue so in this case I would ask so you aren’t over dressed or under dressed.

For ladies this is still usually a dress and for men khakis and a button down shirt is probably best unless you have been told otherwise.

For any couple planning your wedding, take into consideration your venue, the season, and the type of feel you are looking from for your wedding. Make sure you put on your website the type of dress attire you want so your guests know what is appropriate.

Melanie King – TwoFoot Creative, Ann Arbor


Happy Anniversary!

Courtney & Ryan were married on July 13th two years ago at the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA). Their reception followed across the street at the Michigan Union in Ann Arbor. Congratulations you two!
Aaron Blumenshine Photography

Laura & Robert were married three years ago today at Pine Knob Mansion in Clarkston, MI.

Congratulations to you both on your third year of marriage!