Why get wedding insurance?

If you think of every large purchase you make, something that goes along with it is insurance. Your car, house, phone, even yourself all are insured so why not insure your wedding as well? Wedding insurance is a great thing to have to reduce some stress on your big day. Some venues we work at require wedding insurance; this is because they do not have a liquor license so you have to have the insurance before being allowed to serve any alcohol.

Before purchasing wedding insurance, check with your venue and vendors and see how well they are insured. If they have a good policy in place wedding insurance may not be necessary.

Each type of wedding insurance varies so when choosing a policy make sure you find one that covers what you need. Most will cover sickness or injury to the bride or groom and other essential family members that results in rescheduling your wedding.


It will also cover weather, if there is ever extreme weather that results in not being able to get to the venue or venue closure. The insurance will cover reimbursement in case any vendors do not show, or if a venue closes. Wedding insurance is ideal for couples in the military; it will cover the costs of the wedding if a deployment occurs. Since policies vary some companies allow you to customize the insurance such as adding coverage for your honeymoon, rings, dress, and gifts. Some wedding insurance companies that we recommended are WedSafe or The Event Helper. Most home insurance companies also offer wedding insurance, so the first step may be to check with the company you use and see what they offer. Better safe than sorry!

Kavita & Joe are Married! 08.09.2014

Kavita and Joe were married at Ingalls Mall in Ann Arbor and their ceremony was at the beautiful University of Michigan Museum of Art in Ann Arbor.

Ingalls Mall is a cute outdoor ceremony spot. It’s in the middle of the University of Michigan’s campus and has fabulous architecture that surrounds it. Bill Hamilton Designs set up a beautiful arbor for the ceremony and we laid out programs and made sure the speakers and microphone was ready to go. Luckily we were there early because the first set of speakers delivered were not working so we had to call them back to replace them, but we had the next set up and ready to go before guests arrived.

Kavita and Joe had two good friends officiating the wedding. It was a very beautiful ceremony and had a few Indian customs involved which is Kavita’s heritage. Panache played the music for the ceremony, which was a nice Jazz Trio. After the ceremony, guests could get shuttled to the reception or walk the short distance to the museum.

UMMA ( University of Michigan of Modern Art) is a gorgeous venue to get married at. You definitely need to hire a planner when having a wedding there. There is such a short period of time that you have for set up, and it’s a good idea to have someone there that is watching everything and making sure that everything gets done the way you want it to. That being said, some of our best weddings have taken place at UMMA!

They had their cocktail hour in the forum which is an area that has a gift shop and is outside of the main museum. There is plenty of space for cocktail tables and musicians playing. We had a guest sign-in board and Panache playing while guests enjoyed the amazing appetizers by Moveable Feast, who we love working with!

This also gave us time to finish any last minute things for the dinner and dancing area. Bill Hamilton Designs brought in his long tables that look gorgeous, and he did all the floral for the wedding. Their wedding cakes were by Cake Nouveau who does amazing cakes in Ann Arbor and we are sad they closed up, we will miss them.  Chair Covers and Linens did the linens and the chivari chairs. Wayne from Rock Out Entertainment was the DJ. He is a lot of fun to work with and if you are looking for a DJ who will have great interaction with the guests he is great to work with!

Adam Czap was Kavitas and Joe’s photographer. We really like working with Adam, he is always ready to go and has a great eye for capturing those precious moments!

The family also brought in some traditional Indian desserts that we set up, and we had a few Indian dances that were fun to watch.

I think my favorite moment from this wedding was helping guests with the fake Henna tattoos they brought in. Everyone was getting them, both young and old. The guests at their wedding were all so kind and very sweet. They were all so happy to be there and to celebrate with the bride and groom. While helping with the tattoos we heard stories about Kavita and Joe and it was fun to hear the inside scoop!

After a little bit of dancing Kavita changed her dress from her Indian wedding dress to a more traditional wedding dress.

We will miss Kavita and Joe and wish them a lifetime full of happiness. The night was so much fun and the love that filled the room that night was hard to miss! Congratulations!!!

These pictures were taken by Adam Czap from Czap Studios.





Pottery Barn Inspiration

Can you tell that we love Pottery Barn!?! Here is a wedding that was inspired by looking through a catalog. This wedding reminded of us spring and being in a beautiful garden. Enjoy!


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue!

For those of us who love traditions, myself included, it can be tricky to find ways to incorporate them into your wedding day. 

Here are some ways to add in your something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue into your wedding day look.

The tradition states “something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity; and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity.”

For my sister’s wedding I attempted to cram most of these things into one item. I decided to make her garter. With the help of Pinterest, I got to work. I ended up making two different garters so that she could throw one and keep another. For the something old and borrowed I cut out pieces of our mothers wedding gown and sewed them onto the garters. For the blue, I used colored tulle on one and blue beads on the other. Her dress and shoes covered the something new and I totally forgot about the sixpence in her shoe!

For those of you who are looking for a simple and easy way to incorporate these traditions, use jewelry. You can cover almost all your bases with a necklace, ring, bracelet, earrings, or a broach.

For something old, a great idea is to sew a piece of your mothers wedding dress onto the underside of yours. Trust me – your mom will love it! The hardest thing in my opinion is finding something blue. Some women are not willing to divert from their color scheme and wear blue jewelry, and a solution to that is wearing blue undergarments under your dress.

Another cute idea is combining small pieces of something borrowed, blue, old, new, and a sixpence all onto a pin to wear on your dress. A sixpence can be found online, but if you want an easier option a penny can serve its purpose. Traditions like these are fun and a great way to incorporate family heirlooms into your wedding day.

Melanie King, TwoFoot Creative – Ann Arbor

Heather & Randy are Married! 09.07.2014

Heather & Randy were married on September 7th, 2014 at Cobblestone Farm in Ann Arbor, MI. They hired us for day-of coordination, to make sure all the details came together and that their friends and family could truly enjoy the day!











I felt like I truly got to know Heather & Randy from the amazing speeches that were given – you could tell just how special they are to the people that surround them and I love when toasts are that heartfelt.

We helped decorate the barn and worked with the catering team to make sure everything was ready for guests at the end of cocktail hour. When you have long tables like this it is critical to get the chairs as straight as possible!

Congratulations Heather & Randy, we wish you all the best!

Five Couples that (Really) Need a Planner

 1. The overworked couple

Maybe you have a full time job and go to school part time. Maybe you have a job that is crazy demanding. Maybe you work the night shift and sleep during the day leaving little to no time left for planning. If you fit into the overworked category, you just don’t have 400 hours (which is the average) to plan your wedding as well. A planner will cut that time down by about 75% if not more. A planner can help streamline the process, giving you choices – but just not as many of them. It will still be YOUR wedding, and you will be able to continue living your super busy life while planning it!

2. The uninterested couple

Now – this doesn’t mean you are not interested in your wedding! You just might not be interested in picking out the perfect shade of yellow linens. You don’t want to take the time to find the perfect buttercream frosting for your cake. You know you want to get married, you have a general idea of what you want it to “feel” like when you walk into the room, and you’d rather hand it off to someone else for the details. A planner can take that and run with it! You can still make decisions when necessary, but more often than not you are going to defer to their expertise and truly be a guest on your wedding day!

3. The out of town couple

You would LOVE to be heavily involved in planning your wedding – if only you lived within the same state. Or country. Or within driving distance. You might have to work from a different time zone, and getting calls in to vendors by closing time just isn’t going to happen. Or, your mom lives close to the wedding venue and the last thing you want is for this to become HER wedding. Having a planner in the area, who knows the local area and can act as a buffer between you and your family is critical! You will feel like an active participant in the process , without spending a fortune on airline tickets every other month.

4. The couple throwing a wedding at a non-traditional venue

At a ballroom, most couples can figure out the planning if they have the time and desire to do so. They make it fairly easy to pick between white or black linens, steak, chicken or fish for dinner, and give you a standard vendor list to be on your way. However – if you are getting married in a barn, at an industrial building, at a historic venue, in a park, at home, or anywhere else that doesn’t come with package A, B or C – you should AT LEAST consider hiring a day of coordinator. There are so many moving pieces involved on a wedding day, the last thing you want to do is field calls regarding loading docks, setup times, and how long you want the charger plates to stay on the tables.

5. The indecisive couple

Pinterest is your favorite website, and you could plan a million weddings! If only that wasn’t such a big problem… since you only get to (hopefully) plan one. You need someone to help you take all your fabulous ideas and narrow them down to one vision for the day. A planner can help make decisions with you! They can also point out the pros and cons of each of your ideas so that you can make a more educated decision that truly will reflect the wedding you want to show your family and friends.


Tina & David are Married! 09.27.2014

Tina & David were married on September 27th last year at St. Mary Student Parish in Ann Arbor, MI. They are both pilots, so a flight themed wedding was the perfect solution! It was game day in Ann Arbor, so I had an assistant designated to transportation that day making sure everyone made it into and out of town on time!

As is typical in Catholic ceremonies, there was a gap between the ceremony and cocktail hour beginning. To fill that gap, guests were able to watch a private screening of The Magic of Flight in the IMAX Theater at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI.

We had a rock star crew on our team that day – Bill Hamilton Designs, Chair Covers & Linens, Kurt at Mike Staff Productions, Gourmet Invitations, A Girl In Love Photography, Mighty Good Coffee, Trinity Transportation, Imagine Three hair & Makeup, and Jefferson Market & Cakery.

Coffee beans from Mighty Good doubles as the escort “cards” for guests to direct them to their tables. The floral vessels were covered in images from war era aviation, and the linens were a very classic, simple addition to the room without taking away from any of the other elements.

I learned that when learning to fly, you are taught that airspace is like an upside down wedding cake – so of course Tina & David needed their wedding cake to be upside down!

Gourmet Invitations did an absolutely superb job tying everything together as well – from the save the dates to the invitations to the paper airplane menus that my team folded for hours, it was absolutely perfect. The table names were airport codes, and as much as possible, they were locations that meant something to the guests that sat at those tables.

It was such a wonderful day, and everyone had such an amazing time. Ending the night with dancing underneath the airplane in the Museum was the icing on the cake!

Congratulations Tina & David – we wish you all the best in your life together!



Veil Alternatives

In the wedding world you see styles come and go through the years. One thing that has changed is veils.  Styles have gone from short to long and tulle to lace. Now brides are getting rid of them altogether!

Birdcage veils give an old Hollywood look to brides. They come in every color and can be accented with jewels, feathers, broaches, flowers, and ribbon.

For more of a bohemian look gold chain headpieces are a beautiful look. They are delicate and simple but make a big statement.

Headbands come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors so they suit a variety of different themes. If you still want a veil you can incorporate one unto your headband, and once the ceremony is over you can simply detach the veil for a more reception appropriate look.

Succulents are very popular in the floral world. It is no surprise that they have made their way into hair trends. Sticking with floral, flower headbands are gorgeous. This is a trend that I am completely in love with. Flower crowns come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors-they are completely customizable! What is your favorite look?

Melanie King – TwoFoot Creative, Ann Arbor

Charlie & Andy are Married! 10.03.2014

Charlie & Andy were married on Friday, October 3rd at the Michigan Union. They posted a lovely review for us on the Knot, so you can read about their experience in their own words!

“Ana was incredibly responsive and supportive throughout our entire planning process. Full disclosure, I am type A and “have everything under control” but I have to say that Ana was essential to our wedding days (rehearsal and day of)!

Ana helped us make decisions leading up to the big day and offered solutions where we got stuck. Her experience and expertise was really comforting when we were debating between one thing or the other. Ana has seen a lot of weddings and her opinion was so nice to have! It allowed us to make confident decisions and not look back so we can keep moving forward with creating a cohesive celebration for our wedding day.

Ana and her team were key to the running of our wedding day – they were so professional, but gentle and understanding with us and our guests (emotions were high!) and really allowed me and my new husband to enjoy every second with each other and our friends and family. Ana saved us from so much stress by taking care of everything. I’m not exaggerating, she really took care of everything on the wedding day.

We had such a fantastic day and evening and we received so many compliments the days and weeks after our wedding about how fantastic Ana and her team were. We are so thankful we booked TwoFoot Creative and would recommend her to any bride and groom looking to spend their wedding day in the moment and not worrying about anything! We love you Ana! Thank you!”