Creations by MK!

Check out these beautiful paper flowers by Creations by MK!
Paper flowers are an increasing trend that is taking over the wedding circuit. Creations by MK is a Michigan based business that offers 100% handmade centerpieces, bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, escort cards, cake boxes and many other decorations containing flowers made entirely out of paper! Your guests can also take these delicate beauties home with them as a souvenir. Unlike real flowers, these arrangements are long-lasting!

Creations by MK was established in 2005 and actually started out as a greeting card business. Melissa Kallasides, the owner, was inspired by the tissue pom pom flower decorations but wanted to create a more defined look. She experimented with cardstock to form the first paper rose, “I made 20 paper flower gift boxes to debut at one of my craft shows and they sold out within the first hour,” Melissa explained. Clearly, everyone was intrigued by the unique paper flowers.

Today, brides have actually requested that Melissa provide ALL of the flowers for their weddings. Many have also ordered Creations by MK for gifts and special occasions. These flowers have been a sensation throughout many states such as Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, California, Georgia and especially Michigan. The buzz has also traveled to Europe in countries such as Ireland, England and Spain! If you are interested in learning more about Creations by MK or placing an order, please visit .

Erin & David are Married! 05.25.2014

Erin and David are this sweet couple that finishes each other sentences and you can tell they have a lot of inside jokes.

Erin had a lot of the planning done when I first met with her which was a year and a half before their wedding. She is a teacher and wanted to get a lot of it handled way in advance.

Their wedding was at Waldenwoods in Brighton. I love Waldenwoods, it reminds me of Dirty Dancing and being at the lodge in the woods.

Their ceremony was outside facing the water and we hung a beautiful chandelier from their pagoda. The décor was kept pretty simple for the ceremony. We lined the aisle with shepherd hooks and mason jars filled with flowers that we moved onto the cocktail tables after the ceremony, and we had one flower arrangement.

It was a beautiful day, we couldn’t have ordered a more perfect day! It was one of my most favorite ceremonies!

Cocktail hour was on the back lawn that started after we did a group picture of all the guests.

Inside the lodge, Merici Beaucoup Florist created beautiful centerpieces and little personal touches around the room. We placed pictures on the tables that they took from places they visited together, and made the bar area into a house divided theme, since the Erin’s team was Michigan State and Dave’s was Michigan. We had a flag for guests to sign instead of a guest book.

They had a beautiful cake form Zingerman’s to cut into and cupcakes from the cupcake station with different flavors. We also had a s’more station set up outside so there was no shortage in sweets.

DJ LuFru is an awesome DJ, he always gets compliments on his turn table that is made form wood. And he definitely knows how to keep a party going. Since the night was so beautiful a lot of guests enjoyed walking along the water and sitting outside when they wanted a break from dancing.

Shutterbooth was setup in the hallway and as usual was very popular!

For late night snacks, pizza was served!

My favorite moment of the day was when Erin walked down the aisle. David met her half way and escorted her the rest of the way. I watched her face as she stepped out the doors to meet him and she looked so beautiful and calm.

I will miss you both, congratulation Erin and Dave!

Melanie King – TwoFoot Creative, Ann Arbor






Animal Lovers!

Your wedding is about you and if you have a love of animals and can’t think of having your wedding without, check out our ideas and tips on how to incorporate them into your wedding day!

There are so many ways to have your special pets apart of your day:

  • Use them to propose
  • Ring Bearers or Flower Girls
  • Have them be in your Save the Dates
  • Engagement or Wedding photos
  • Be your Maid of Honor or Best Man
  • Have a custom made cake topper or paper products with them on it


Things to consider before having them at the actual wedding:

  • Your pet’s personality- do they get along well with people (ie….kids if they are attending) being outside their familiar surroundings
  • Are pets allowed at your venue? If not, some will accommodate if you make certain guarantees or deposits in case of accidents…
  • Should you hire a pet sitter?
  • Do they need to be taken home after the ceremony? Even if you want your dog to walk the rings down the aisle, he might not be the best behaved guest once food starts pouring out into guests’ hands for cocktail hour and dinner…

If they are going to be wearing anything, are they comfortable in it?

Make sure none of your guests if they will be around them are not allergic to them.

Let your planner, photographer, and videographer know!

And don’t forget, dogs aren’t the only cute and loveable pets to be included!




Dana & Paul are Married! 05.09.2014

Dana & Paul’s was my first wedding back this season and it was such a beautiful wedding to come back to. I love the Inn at St. Johns and Dana made such a gorgeous bride!

I arrived in the afternoon and checked in on Dana and her bridesmaids who where getting ready at the hotel. I just remember how calm Dana was and she was having such a great time with her bridesmaids.

Dionne from the Shooting Gallery was her photographer and they were getting ready to start taking pictures so I headed down to the Grand Ballroom to start setting up everything.

Choosing colored linens can make a room look entirely different and once we started adding details in, the room began to come alive. These champagne linens were from Chair Covers and Linen, we gave it some depth with doing guest linen’s in one texture and then their captains table and cake table in a different one.

Heidi from Wedding Flowers by Heidi did the floral and I just love her soft romantic look she is known for.

The cake was from Jefferson’s Market! They are one of my favorite Ann Arbor Bakeries. Dana and Paul did two cakes, including a traditional chocolate groom’s cake.

They got married at the beautiful chapel at the Inn at St. Johns. I love the design of the chapel. When you get married at the chapel they do have their own church coordinators so we are there to lend a helping hand and we love working with them.

One thing that we had to do before the wedding was to get into our emergency kit, Dana was slipping on her dress and we had to find a way to fix it!

I just love that moment when you are lining up the bridal party and keeping the bride hidden from the groom and guests. Seeing her face full of excitement and knowing that we are a part of this special moment is why I love my job!

After watching Dana go down the aisle we snuck upstairs and took a quick glimpse at Paul watching her come down the aisle ( tears).

My assistant and I headed back to the ballroom to see how everything was going and to finish up setting things up.

Kevin from Mike Staff Productions was their DJ and he was a lot of fun to work with and the guests had so much fun interacting with him and dancing until their feet couldn’t dance anymore.

The Inn at St. Johns is a beautiful venue, the food is amazing, the staff is great with guests, and we know that working with them we all make a great team together!

One thing we always end up fixing at weddings is a bride’s bustle. One step on that dress and out it comes, I felt so bad for Dana as we had to pin it up so many times. Glad I had a lot of safety pins in the emergency kit!

At the end of the night we cleaned up everything and packed up her gifts and cards. It was a perfect day and a wedding that I was very happy to start my season off with!

My favorite moment from this wedding was seeing Paul and Dana do their first dance. They were both so happy to be married and to be able to share this moment with everyone! They are that couple that finishes each others’ sentences and complete one another. Congratulations!!!!

Melanie King – TwoFoot Creative, Ann Arbor