Alexia & Nick are Married! 07.02.2011

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Clarkston, MI tented wedding vintage indie theme

They say rain on your wedding day is actually a promise of good luck, but what about hail? Does it mean your marriage will have nothing but good luck for as long as you both shall live? On July 2, in Clarkston, MI Alexia and Nick proved that nothing was going to stop them from getting married and dancing the night away with their guests. This adorable backyard wedding was full of personal touches from the bride and groom, and it had the cutest vintage-indie theme!

Vintage home made buttons for wedding favors

Guests arrived and everyone enjoyed walking around and seeing all of the special items the bride had us set up. From centerpieces of old books and vintage cameras, suitcases to hold their cards and their very own handmade photo booth, this wedding was ready for guests to pop open the Faygo and enjoy a handmade pin or two.

Vintage photo booth

There were three different sets of flower centerpieces used that came from The Parsonage. They were all gorgeous and added very nicely to the books and cameras. Guests located their names on a framed guest list and then found their table that had library cards with their names on them.

Table seating on library cards

As we all crossed our fingers for the storm to just wait until they said “I do”, guests made their way to the ceremony, which we set up in the back yard. The groom serenaded guests as he led his groomsmen down the aisle while playing his guitar. Alexia’s mother escorted her down the aisle and one of the groomsmen took over playing the guitar. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the crowd.

Parsonage flowers from Clarkston, MI

I truly believe the rain gods were looking out for us, because just as the couple said “I do” and shared their first kiss, we rushed the guests into the tent, and the rain came down. Thankfully all of the guests were under tents as it started, because soon we had hail. We ran to the tent and held items down as things were trying to blow away.

Vintage camera and bottles of flowers as wedding centerpieces

Guests helped us and I think we all bonded while trying to stay dry and not get hit by the giant balls of ice falling from the sky.

Hail at wedding in July in Michigan

Blessings sometimes come in disguise and for us it was the rain. It was so hot that day and after the rain we were all cooled off and ready to have a wonderful reception.

Mason jars as wedding day drinking glasses

Guests dined on Famous Daves for dinner and everyone enjoyed how great the comfort food was. Being a southern girl myself, I would have to say this menu of chicken, salmon, and spicy mac’n cheese was better than fabulous. After dinner, the groom had a surprise for his beautiful bride. He gathered everyone together and him and one of his groomsmen sang an original song. While the groom sang, “I choose you babe,” all the guests got involved and the smile that was on Alexia’s face was priceless.

Vintage buttons of the bride and groom

Alexia and Nick had one last surprise for their guests and it came in the form of an ice cream truck. The DJ (Jim from Postman Productions) made the announcement, and guests lined up so they could pick out their favorite childhood treat. This was one dessert that no one could pass up. As night came and everyone was full of delicious food and sweet treats the music began to play and everyone was out on the dance floor.

Potties sign

I will never forget this wedding. Not only from the hail and how we managed to keep the night going, but also all the special little touches that the bride and groom did. All the super sweet details both big and small, made this wedding that much more personal and special.

Twine tied wedding bouquet

I wish all the best luck in the world to Alexia and Nick; they survived the hailstorm and still had a smile on their face. I think that proves that nothing will stand in their way of experiencing true happiness in life.

Written by Melanie King – TwoFoot Creative, Ann Arbor

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