Planning a beach wedding

7 Important Things to Consider for Your Beach Wedding

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Planning a beach wedding comes with many additional concerns from your standard banquet hall. There is no doubt that a beach wedding is beautiful, romantic, and fun. If you have always had your heart set on a beach wedding then go for it!  

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Planning a beach wedding

Remember, the guests have sacrificed their time and money, and rearranged their plans to be there with you. Some of these suggestions will help them as much as it helps you.

  • Consider the time of the year.

If you have your wedding during a less busy time of the year (early fall for example) there are fewer people on the beach to contend with. Your vendors will have more available for you.

Prices for you and your guest will probably be lower if you choose an off season date, and the sea is still just as beautiful.

  • Consider the time of day you are getting married

It does not take a lot of time for the sun reflecting off the ocean to cause sunburn.

The sun also reflects off the white sand, meaning, unprotected skin can burn in 30 minutes or less. Having your wedding closer to dusk is safer and makes some awesome wedding pictures.

Planning a beach wedding

(However, make sure you know the expected time of low tide)

  • Public or private beach?

This is big deal. While most public beach weddings go fine, others have beach lovers who just refuse to stay out of the picture. If you go to a private beach, make sure it is large enough to accommodate your party, as some are a bit small

  • Photographer

The photographer you choose needs to have experience in beach shoots. The challenges of photography on the beach with the ever changing background can be overwhelming. Make sure there is a place for some indoor shots as well. The venue you choose for your reception

  • Sound system

The waves crashing on the shore and the wind that never stops making it almost impossible to heat the officiant, and the vows being exchanged. Invest in a pro to wire the wedding. Don’t worry they won’t forget and let you entertain you take them with you on the honeymoon.

Planning a beach wedding

  • People who cannot walk on sand

Make sure you have a walkway for people so that anyone who is less mobile can also attend. Consider transportation (beach appropriate) for these people as well! 

  • Have a backup plan

When you are dealing with  Mother nature and her powers can wreak havoc on your dream wedding so always be prepared.

Bonus tips:

  • Have plenty of sunscreen on hand
  • Take some sunburn cream just in case
  • Be sure your guest know casual attire is expected
  • Make sure there is some cold bottled water in case someone overheats
  • Make sure the area is cleaned up after the event
  • It may be a good idea to have the reception in the hotel



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